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  • CMJ's (College Music Journal's) "On the Cover" Feature

    Once merely a CMJ Futures pick and office favorite, NYC personage Princess Superstar (nee Concetta Kirschner) has gotten rather comfortable with her regal stage name and all it implies over the few short years she's been dominating hipster hip-hop from her East Village throne. Following up her last album, the similarly ambitious Strictly Platinum (she does have a way of stating her mission), the Princess delivers once again with CEO, a concept piece-turned-funkified party LP pasked with the clever sampling and rump-shaking beats that we've come to love in late-20th century popular music. But without stopping there, she's also peppered the album with the kind of non-stop pop culture references rarely heard since the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique and a level of braggadocio to rival Big Daddy Kane's. Ms. Kirschner's saucy personality delivers on every track, administering her whip-smart, womanly rhymes with a kind of vicious "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan" sass that'll have women throwing their hands up in the air and most men cowering under the power of her gold-plated microphone. It seems wrong to ruin the hilarious fun of discovering Kirschner's searing lyrical wit by quoting her here, so we'll let you discover most of it your own spins of CEO. Those familiar with the biz, though, will split a side at the completely ruthless sing-along, "I'm In Love With The Music Biz," and "Stuck In A 401 K-Hole," where the Princess sets answering machine messages from A&R reps to circus-like band music.

    — Cheryl Botchick

    Article reprinted without permission.