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  • Bust Feature - Summer 2002

    "I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower. Woo! I'm making six bucks an hour," raps Princess Superstar on her fourth and most recent album, Princess Superstar Is. The dirty talking, wise-cracking breakneck-speed-rhyming, raunchy mistress of the underground hip hop world confesses that some of the misconduct she raps about is based on real experiences. "A lot of that stuff was true, but I was probably a good babysitter. I would do the bad things after the kid was put to bed."

    Often compared to Eminem (because she's white and humorous) or L'il Kim (because she's unabashedly sexual in her lyrics and image), Concetta Kirschner, aka Princess Superstar, has so much more going on. In 1997, she added "businesswoman" to her resume by creating and running A Big Rich Major Label and Corrupt Conglomerate, putting out her first three albums on her own.

    She's collaborated with Kool Keith, Jon Spencer and Beth Orton, to name a few, and is generating more buzz than the Hitachi Magic Wand over in Europe. But oddly enough, the native New Yorker is still considered an indie act on her native turf. "I'm happy with the success I have, wherever the hell it is," says Princess. Concetta's mom is proud of her little Princess, too. But what about those risque lyrics? "I play the clean versions for my mom, but she doesn't want to hear the clean versions," she laughs. "I get embarrassed, but she doesn't. My parents are cool." Well, the Princess doesn't fall very far from the tree.

    - Tracie Egan

    Article reprinted without permission.