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    10 Steps to Superstardom
    Text by Princess Superstar
    Photo by Ned Ambler

    If 12 steps will cure you of your addictive behavior, 10 can surely guide your way to becoming a superstar. So I say fuch 12-steps to serenity—give me 10 to superstardom any day. Don't get me wrong; becoming a star is tough, maddening and baffling. Hell, even lethal depending on your level of commitment. But nothing in life is easy, so suck it up soldier. Seriously though, at the end of the day, who doesn't want to be a superstar? BPM surely doesn't want to go down as standing in your way. Look around you, people are obsessed with being noticed—it's as addictive as tomaccos. So, as we battle the sly ways of our addiction, who better than Princess Superstar herself to supply information and tools to help bring you some stability, simplicity, and precision to the superstar process.

    1. Work out two hours a day, Sundays off (dancing and sex count).
    2. Answer emails with fragmented, badly spelled sentences.
    3. Throw away very bad promo vinyl after only listening to one second of the first track.
    4. Tell your friends you can't join them at the movies because you've already seen all the films "on the plane... (yawn)."
    5. Get free clothes by promising to wear them in photo shoots, but then only wear them while you are walking around or going to the gym.
    6. Pedicures/manicures must always be flawless.
    7. ALWAYS smile for the camera even if you are totally tired or depressed.
    8. Pretend you have more money than you really have—or charge everything on your credit card, go into debt and live above your means. After all, you have an image to protect!
    9. Make some music occasionally.
    10. Get someone else to write up your "steps to be a superstar."

    Article reprinted without permission.