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    Bad Babysitter (feat. High & Mighty)
    (C. Kirschner, E. Meltzer, M. Berger)
    Produced by DJ Mighty Mi for Eastern Conference Productions. Eonic Verbal Tunes (BMI), 1972unes (BMI), Figs.D Music, Inc. (BMI)/Budde Music c/o The Bicycle Music Company. Concetta Music (BMI).

    Babysitting sucks but whatever they got junk food, kung fu, egg fu, Dig Dug, a dog too
    And a hot Jew, Mr. Weintraub, I mean he's old but not dimed out
    If I'm bad I'll turn around in the corner for Time Out
    Aight Josh what you wanna do? You wanna watch cartoons?
    HBO got Platoon, hey get back in the room!
    I assume your folks are gonna be out late, go make me Kool Aid
    I'm a sit on the couch and masturbate then call my boyfriend Gabe and see if he ate
    Spit out my Bubbalicious and get to one of them big fridges that could fit 10 midgets
    Damn they're rich, hey she left me fifty dishes-bitch!
    Let's try on ya mom's minks think she'll miss these Chanel links?
    In high heels you look like Jar Jar Binks- go play under the sink
    (I want my mommy and daddy!) I want your daddy as well
    But if you tell, you'll die of sickle cell and God told me you're goin straight to hell
    Well if you don't like it I can leave and then you'll be alone believe me that's what the creepy monsters want
    Plus I'll be taking your TV
    Put on your jammers and don't wet the bed I got a camera
    I'll take a picture and show that little girl you like Sarah
    Oh and one more thing- there's been several mass murderers spotted in the area
    I'm a bad babysitter, got my boyfriend in your shower, Woo! I'm makin 6 bucks an hour
    Let's make Fluffernutters don't fuckin utter another peep
    I'll take the cookie cutter make star cookies outta ya skin while you sleep
    Keep still, I gotta check the bathroom cabinet hey what are these pills?
    I'll take the Valium Josh you take a bag and the Tagament
    Stop throwin up I'm not paid enough you clean up the rug
    Is that Fluff? I told you 6 boxes of unmade Jell-O was too much All right kid you gotta go to bed, I know its only 6 but my boy just came over and he wants me to give him head
    Sit his bare ass on the couch where you watch Small Wonder
    Next time you see Vicky the spot'll be sticky cuz I sucked his dicky and used your mom's cucumber
    Don't worry I'll put it back in the Frigidaire
    Scared? You can have it for supper nice and crisp in the Tupperware
    No bedtime story, Gabe get off you're so horny!
    Josh get in bed and Freddie Krueger might let you see your mom in the mornin
    No porn and shut the shade Gabe-
    One day you'll know how nice it is to get laid while you gettin paid

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    Coochie Coo

    Hey boy do you wanna use me
    Got something better than sushi
    My my coochie creamy like butter better ask my groupies
    Why you over there by yourself
    What you got there below your belt
    Even though I got an ass like a shelf
    Listen baby doll I'm gonna need some help

    You know we don't care
    You just a true player
    Move on over my underwear
    When you're down don't come up for air

    Wet wet get the steam
    On your knees boy better bow to the queen
    You can take one for your team
    Eat some cookies lick the cream

    My coochie coochie coochie coo
    My coochie coochie coochie coo

    Do you wanna eat at the all night diner tonight?

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    1234 let me hear u scream if u want some more
    like uhhh
    watch me work it -
    I'm perfect

    Yeah that's right it's the Superstar
    everybody wanna come up when I'm at the bar
    all them people wanna try its like gimme some more
    try a little harder honey I'm like gimme my car
    skip the bra
    chill at the spas
    feminine boss
    don't care what it cost
    get lost we gettin rocks
    while bitches Botox I blow cocks
    so hot
    we just wreckin the party
    autographin everybody body parts with the sharpie
    cant stop me baby got an army
    be all that you can be baby
    call me

    1234 let me hear u scream if u want some more
    like uhhh
    watch me work it -
    I'm perfect

    I'm comin straight out the nyc
    every little bad boy's wet dream featurin me
    cream get the money dollar dollar bill ya'll kill ya'll got the ill jaw
    exes still call

    you know I gotta do whatever it takes
    all them other chicks its like that's the breaks
    and all them other chicks wanna take my place and all them
    other chicks better get out my face

    the look the lips the tits the taste
    the hair the eye the skin the waist
    you see what i can do on a microphone
    so think bout what I'm gonna do to you at home
    get goin with the
    mastercard max it hard
    in the backs of cars
    faxin lawyers
    racks and racks at stores
    I'm just/ about/ me gettin more

    1234 let me hear u scream if u want some more
    like uhhh
    watch me work it /
    I'm perfect

    hey I dont mean to brag
    but i'm makin ladies mad
    when they look at what i have
    all the shit in the bag
    runnin things like a track
    no practice
    got you starvin for me like a Hollywood actress
    so attractive wear my dresses backless
    flippin lots of heavy words like a mattress
    make money during napses leg hair waxes… use hundred dollar bills
    got a million pairs of underwear
    millionaire times my strands of hair in Bel Air
    its all there, bull or bear .....i dont know and i don't care
    it aint fair princess superstar make em stop n stare runnin scared
    kiss my derriere, on my mirrored chair
    (why u got a mirrored chair? )
    you can see my ass much better there
    to kiss it kiss it

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    Keith 'N Me (feat. Kool Keith)
    (C. Kirschner, K. Thornton, Dart LA) Produced by Dart LA for Alkali Inc. Reverend Tom Music (ASCAP)/Kohaw Music (ASCAP), Inc./Notting Hill Music c/o The Bicycle Music Company. Concetta Music (BMI).

    (Keith's rhyme)
    Baby, can you feel my love?
    I got my shorts on-
    And I'm taking them off
    Now when I saw your face I'm a believer
    Hey what you got the keys to my Beamer
    A keeper get the fever viva end receiver
    Oochie Wally Wally leave it to my Beaver
    Take a big sip and inhale, you tip the scale
    If this rap game don't work out baby you cut for Chippendales
    I got my nails done for this special day, Oil of Olay
    Case of Criss in piss in the bidet I'm Miss rappin Jon Benet
    Big hunk blowin spunk in the back of the top bunk
    Slam dunk Daft Punk's voice box in the water kerplunk
    Get krunk forget Clyde and Bonnie Ted Bundy and Peg Bundy Burt and Loni
    Nancy and Ronnie Betty and Barney smokin mariwanni, I'm a little horny
    On and on a common bond two vagabonds in Vuitton
    Eatin Cinnebons at a mall on Mars where we belong
    Arm in arm naked making spawn at the salad bar get salad tongs deliver our new baby born
    Wait something's wrong, I gotta call my moms tell her Keith's on my song
    Ultramagnetic you helped my headache like a music paramedic you mad athletic there I said it
    I'm older now, Come 'n get it
    We're like Doin it and Doin it well, So poetic
    (Keith's rhyme)
    You and me like ET and Drew Barrymore
    Pick Reese's Pieces off your piece I want to marry more Keith
    You'll be comin soon…to a theatre near me
    Veni Vidi Veni Veni-I came I saw I came and I came again that's three
    (Keith's rhyme)
    I think about you and the things you say when you rhyme
    Won't beat around the bush so you can beat around mine
    I'm a Slinky, coil my butt back and forth down the stair I'm kinkier than pubic hair

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    I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime
    Copyright 1999

    Ah yo Santa let's get something clear
    I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year
    But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career
    While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers
    Makin Nintendo bets
    on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next
    I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July
    But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and
    Mariah Christmas will be sellin' out- why?
    I never did nothin bad to nobody
    I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey)
    Don't aw honey me Just give me the money please
    One of those cards with a pocket for cash
    A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted rash and come at me all mad
    I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind
    Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime

    CHORUS: Lalala La La La La
    There's one Christmas Star
    Princess Superstar!
    Ho Ho Ho!
    Who you callin' a Ho?

    Look, I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size 4
    With a floppy Santa hat on the record store floor
    Want ace product placement listenin station so while I'm on vacation
    I got my face on Raisin Brans round the nation
    I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases
    Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious
    Just let me retire with his wages
    I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list
    Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us
    Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks-
    Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo
    Bill Gates too-(Ew) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through
    Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu
    I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old
    Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold?
    You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold?
    (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls-
    Yo wait I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!!


    Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign
    So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin ha ha listen to this funny song
    That's fine

    But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape
    Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late
    And in case you don't make it visit my website blah blah dot com
    See old sexy pictures of me, order my record and buy the clean version for your mom
    Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite-
    One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get an agent
    Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out
    Be on VH-1 Where are They Now Eatin' filet mignons by the pound
    Round baby, Fat and gettin' down baby
    No need to fit in fancy clothes now
    Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds!

    Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme
    Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!

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    Come Up to My Room
    Copyright 1999 ps i love you

    If you can't figure it out, sit and listen for a long time with a loved one!

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    Love/Hate to be a Player
    Copyright 1999 ps i love you

    I got a PhD a playa hatin degree when it ain't me check me
    University teach class dispatch grade D my Keats kick you in the Balzac
    Alls that so wack/hiphop hits gone bad/but that brag/ dag, it's temptin'
    Money Cash Hoes let me kick a little somethin'

    (I love to be a player…)

    I can put the ho back in hotel, Write, win a Nobel, run wit the cartel,
    Rock?, Well I rock well, slam like a Montel, fat?eat a Snackwell, smack like a Bonne Bell
    Talk with the tic tac on the Startac wait hate that
    It's Rap gettin' tired
    Booty Call of the Wild -I'm snorin
    Like Hootie all of a sudden-borin'
    You don't Blowfish? Hmm..Let me finish/ I'm a step wit/
    Someone on the right tip the right shit, the champ sip
    Trap for the flip hit Billboard shit
    I did it (what for?)
    Connect 4, pretty sneaky sis, gimme some more
    This Cracker needs a Jack /need some caramel in the back/
    And since you askin lick me like Baskin,
    Like you Robbin cream/where you been?
    Multitask my ass like computer blue/Year 2/
    Oh no shoot Hals gone crazy / Amazing, Grace
    Like Jones I'm a giant/Body Y-2-K compliant /
    Please, I'm ready for 3 grand (how's that?)
    Cryogenic freeze/I'm the nation's gift for future man
    No frozen skeeze jokes, Ya'all shut up

    I love to be a player...
    I hate to be a player, worse I hate to relay it

    You better run for cover
    Last tango with the lover,get the butter
    See my vest !see my vest!
    Take it off see my chest
    I confess boy I'll house you
    Break you off a little I'm about to astound you
    Always ill on Principal like Victoria
    got a pimple shit now I'm borin ya
    Braggadacio should just be a font
    Tired of players, playa haters, playa songs
    It's time to innovate, elevate the music
    I can solve a Rubix, bounce my boobies
    Can't stop it/constant better get a grip
    You sunk my Battleship!
    Mackin' it but fight back and hit
    Chaka and the Sleezestacks
    We really need that
    Time to succumb, drop the "succ" time to cum, put the suck back in make you cum again
    You'll comprehend
    If you want to be my lover /stay the fuck away from my friends

    I love to be a player
    I hate to be a player worse I hate to relay it…

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