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  • Strictly Platinum Lyrics

    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    You know we were eatin' dinner at the Red Lobster the other night
    and as I looked across the table and into your eyes
    I thought to myself, damn you're smooth
    so fine...

    A smooth-assed baby up and asked me for a date
    wear a fancy dress and yo don't be late
    he said I'll pick you up baby in my black Mercedes
    he was so damn fly I knew he pulled all the ladies

    It was a classy place yeah it was the Red Lobster
    eatin' some shrimp then he told me he's a mobster
    took of the pinkie ring and he put it in my hand
    sayin' now you are my lady, I'm your man

    You were wearin' one of those fine Italian suits
    and in your lapel you had a handkerchief
    and I noticed that it was embroidered
    and I really like that

    I was kinda scared but a little excited
    pulled out the AK and I wanted to ride it
    finished our corn, went out to do a job
    this fine smooth man got me working for the mob

    We started plannin' a jewelry heist
    and I'm thinking to myself that this man is nice
    diamonds and fur yeah he's got all the moves
    well he may be bad but he sure is smooth!

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    "Fried Chicken: A day in the life"
    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    Fried Chicken, that's in a bucket
    A side a cole slaw then I slurp it and suck it
    Goes down smooth, just like my rhymes
    Not like watchin a frenchie mime
    That you want to punch
    Uh, pass the Captain Crunch
    Stayin' hard in milk just like my man
    My panties are silk cuz I command
    And when I speak aw they all come
    Runnin' faster to the princess kingdom

    Who's the Princess with tha master plan?
    Me! (Wow)

    She's got the flavor, she's got the flavor
    She's on it
    And I'm on it

    Woke up, got outta bed
    Put the Final-Net all over my head
    Put the panties on my but and then I fled
    Wheredya go?
    Went to work at the Chinese Restaurant
    Workin' hard for stuff I ain't got
    Servin' up the grease and oil
    Gotsta know I'm still a royal

    Get Back, Get Back
    Yeah I got the back and I gotya open
    I see it in the dark I don't need no gropen
    Put on my blades and do a little rollin' in the city
    Hope now and it's time to relax
    Do a little shoppin in Jersey cuz there's less tax
    I find a sack and then I be smokin'
    (what are you talking about you don't even smoke pot!)

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    "Blue Beretta"
    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    I was drivin downtown in my blue Beretta
    Wonderin' why people use Velveeta steada cheddar
    Reach down to flip the tape yeah I musta ran a redda
    The cop pulled me over and he said...
    "Hey aren't you Concetta?!!"

    Like Davy I'm a believer
    Like stolen goods I'm a comin to seize ya
    I don't want you to get the wrong idea
    But I got more fingers than Jerry Garcia...
    See ya!

    I got more answers to your questions than Alex Trebec
    And if I was a sandwich I'd be triple deck
    It's the high-tech section of your audio selection
    Put down the white-out chump I don't need no correction
    Takin MC's out like Barclay vs. Barney
    Go to Mount Airy Lodge where my host is named Marney
    MC's try to dis but they can't touch these solos
    If you wanna come correct, be like Mike D. go to the movies,
    Eat some Rolos

    I never take intermissions
    I got more rhymes than John's got Peel sessions
    I'm peanut butter and my man is Fluff
    Wrap the Wonder Bread around us
    We never get enough

    Yo peace to....

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    "I'm So..."
    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    Woke up one morning I was really depressed
    That kinda day when gettin dressed
    Is like the hardest fuckin thing that you could ever imagine
    Suckin hard yeah I was cold tragin

    So I tried to make myself feel better
    Called up my friend Kim and then I met her
    Cuz she always makes me feel just a little bit stronger
    And I needed advice, wonder if I was wrong for
    Splittin with my baby it was almost two years
    Which is a lot you know in dog years!

    But anyway, I wrote enough songs about him in our day
    So I'm gonna stop now and put it away in the back of my brain
    And tell you bout the other shit I have to complain about that day
    Picked up the guitar tried to play
    Couldn't get past the chord A
    And E and C and fuck it was boring
    All of a sudden there's a knock at the door and it was my old neighbor
    Who wakes me up every mornin 7:30 am
    Ridin her exercycle blastin Lite FM
    But she tells me I gotta keep it down
    I give up, I'm so down

    I hate where I be livin on Clinton Street
    The other day I saw a dead guy lyin under a sheet
    And these 14 year old pushers tryin to sell me dope
    And the fuckin salsa music I can't even cope

    I used to really love livin on the Lower East Side
    But when I walk down the street, "Yo Pussy need a ride?"
    Is what I hear from every mac muthafucker givin hassles
    Yo Punk I ain't a stripper, you see some tassles?

    Crawlin all over the apartment are cockroaches and moths
    And my ex-boyfriend says I act like David Lee Roth
    All these record labels calling but they don't produce the cash
    Yo boy shave that goatee and uh then call me back
    I'm working 2 different jobs and I'm always fuckin broke
    Eatin tofu everyday and uh maybe a coke
    Feelin down feelin bad feelin slow like a turtle
    C'mon get me off the mike because I'm frontin like Urkel!

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    "Another Day"
    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    Sittin here chillin with my Cream o Wheat
    I got Dearfoam slippers adornin my tiny feet
    Freezin cold chillin cuz they turned off my heat
    You know I'm screamin at the landlord, Pete

    You know I just got fired from the Chinese Restaurant
    Told you I was working hard fto buy stuff that I ain't got
    So I found another job you know it's all the same
    Now I'm dressin like a chump playin the 9-5 lame

    Now it's 9:03 am and I'm behind the desk
    So damn bored so I'm thinkin bout sex
    And tryin to remember I'm a superstar
    Knowin' my success won't be that far away

    Another Day
    Another Day

    Pantyhose itchin up my legs and shit
    Stretchin on the swivel chair, yeah that's where I sit
    And the grub from the telephone is makin' me a new zit
    Boss is yellin for some coffee here's my gat and clip

    Another Day
    Another Day

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    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    You're so young, so young and fine
    (I'd like to sip a drink with you)
    Oh god I think I got a crush on you
    (got a crush, got a crush, got a crush)
    Forgot your name I had to ask your friend
    Got a boyfriend so I guess that's the end
    (byebye, byebye, byebye)

    Well I see you around and yeah you come to my show
    (hello, hello, hello)
    See how you look and yeah you're ready to go
    (hello, hello, hello)
    But don't think that it's any big thing
    I just needed some lyrics to sing
    (hello, hello, hello)

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    "I'm White"
    by Princess Superstar O95 ps I love you, BMI

    I'm white and I'm from Pennsylvania
    I don't have no gold and I don't have a pager
    Where I'm from there wasn't no scene
    I got my information from Highlights Magazine

    I drove a jeep that my parents bought me
    Drove it over 60 but the cops never caught me
    Wore clothes from the Gap watched the Dukes and Daisy
    And when I got nasty shoplifted at Macy's

    Sneakin boys up to my room
    Hoppin skippin jumpin like those kids in zoom
    But I brought home the 4.0 for my daddy Sam
    And I used my fake ID to buy beer from the Busch Can

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