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  • Last of the Great 20th Century Composers Lyrics

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    Intro: Last of the Great 20th Century Composers
    (C.Kirschner, C. Webster) Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Additional dialogue by Ned Ambler.
    Astronauts: Ned Ambler, Curtis Curtis, and Janus Lorenzen
    Moog Modular: Curtis Curtis Drums/Organ: Curtis Curtis & Concetta

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    Do it Like A Robot
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Moog Modular/Tamborine: Curtis Curtis. Samples/Scratching: Concetta
    Bass: Walter Sipser Go Baby Girls: Calicia Briggs, Dahlala, & Leital
    Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis & Concetta

    I made a wish on Aladdin an imaginary menagerie in Manhattan
    filled with robots dancin like Michael Jacksons or Janet Jacksons-- Control
    Ms. Princess that's me, Ms. Princess Fuck you if you nasty
    Need 411 son just ask me, I'm everywhere you wanna be
    Ring the Bell like Atlantic hard wired round the world I make the crowd get frantic
    Let me be candid, I'm pedantic, you might not understand it
    I attack but play like Mamet bzz dammit watch your back my brains are damaged
    Bionic lady call me Jaime me and Million buck man we gonna save Slim Shady
    I'm Crazy my genetic code programmed for robot mode computer human antidote
    MP3 LCD's in my BVD's G3 key snot I sneeze
    You forgot--Please I remember every number
    Buy 1 thousand condoms at Price Club I'm a member

    Go baby go baby what! Go baby go baby what! Just do it like a robot

    Transmission nifty, shift your stick in position in a jiffy
    Pop! You missed me, Popcorn maker in my pussy
    Like Debussy I kick minuets kicked cigarettes now I make bigger bets than figureheads
    Get down on bigger beds than chickenheads what I said, Head my letterhead
    ACDC I'm a metalhead, No strobelight ho but sick in silhouettes
    Trained like a track get back exact MIT Lab I'm back
    Damn this baby's stacked you want cash I'm Nasdaq
    You like that give the pin I'm MAC
    I crashed
    Mathematical, unflappable never take grammatical sabbaticals
    Advance on mechanicals unstoppable I'm topical
    Invent new robot shit like butt mixed with popsicle -What?
    It's the Babygotbackical
    Are you on crack at all? Nah I'm clean squeaky on Ajax
    Scratch that I'm on magnets
    Doo doo doo do inspect my gadgets

    Go baby go baby what! Go baby go baby what! Just do it like a robot

    In my stomach, I got a blender, drink lemonade, bend for Bender whims like Wender
    You remember the soda vendor you kicked? Get you in December
    Data and matter I'm madder than a hatter I gather
    Spin letters much faster than Vanna, bananas
    Cut tongues like Mick Jagger when I dabble in anger
    C'mon gives me kicks I'm a steel chick
    Plastic metal unreal chick/I dig
    Numbers and engines sprockets and chrome Benzes
    Rhodedendrums shear em with x-ray lenses
    Senses/don't have em don't want em-fool
    Senseless/ don't argue I am programmed to beat you
    Teach you a thing or two
    About the 20th Century and the 21-
    January 1 be the same shit as December 31
    And I'm not the one to put the damper
    Go party, drink 40's pee your pants with the Pamper
    Clothes in the hamper, dried sticky throw-up mouth sore with the canker
    By the power of Grayskull I'm the Master of the Universe
    I am money, take this bitch to the banker, I am money, take this bitch to the banker

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    Meet you Halfway (Keep it on the Alright)
    (C. Kirschner)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Bass: Walter Sipser Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta

    54321 Pow! That's the time to go that's my spaceship signal
    Endorphin morphin rushin for touchin per-cu cu cussion hit it hard hit it rough
    What, I blushed
    Premillenial gland kickin, perennial antennial kiss me again
    Time to leave exit earth spaceship berth, no more hurt
    I'll meet you halfway

    I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway to the
    sky and the stars yo I'll meet you halfway but baby just smile at me, keep
    it alright keep it alright keep it alright, I keep it alright.

    Boy you got me trippin, bleeps blip blip blippin
    Hard thinkin drinkin heart kickin
    Jaw Slack like a Chicken my mission
    Trippin me up flippin me pick-pick- Listen
    Tick on the clock balls gonna drop I'm gonna stop
    Get on the job I wanna rob I'm feelin hot hot
    Makin it hot play with my heart give all I got
    You wanna clock how long I got -by the end of the song your mouth and mine be locked
    Word I'm not gonna sit in here try n drop how I'm on top
    I'm not sweatin here I just want what I want
    And let me make it clear how you got it- you got it
    It's tricky tricky tricky stomach sicky if you pick me kick me simply cuz I'm dreamin
    C'mon pick me miss me how I'm screamin kiss me nick me hot diggy sick it to me give it to me
    Hand it to me bandit, bandit, be a man
    Tuck me undercover lover hover on my planet lover mad habits mad for havoc
    gotta have it
    Planned it like you never had it, gallavant like elephants-- so so fat

    I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway to the
    sky and the stars yo I'll meet you halfway but baby just smile at me, keep
    it alright keep it alright, keep it alright, I keep it alright.

    My walkie talkie's on high for you anytime
    For you, but I'm still walkin-- flyin high for you

    Frequent indecencies only one like me
    Transmittin frequencies only you and me could see, space time infinity
    I can see for miles and miles, your smile, I keep my mind beyond
    Well I could die any minute
    Come up in it a mile a minute
    It's imminent and while I'm in it gotta hit it and I mean it
    Can I feel it close close-freeze
    How's it supposed, supposed to be
    Now hot in the most most you'll ever need
    Now from coast to coast I breathe

    I breathe I breathe I breathe I breath I breath I breathe --I keep it on the
    alright baby, keep it on the alright baby, keep it on the alright baby

    I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway, I'll meet you halfway to the
    sky and the stars yo I'll meet you halfway but baby just smile at me, keep
    it alright keep it alright, keep it alright, I keep it alright.

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    I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime
    Beat programmed by Prince Paul, Prince Pawl Music (BMI)
    Produced by Concetta and Curtis Curtis (BMI)
    Xtra Samples & Scratches by Concetta.
    Kids: Alaia and Alatz Ortega
    Aww Honey: Darryl & Suede Santa/Add'l. Vocals: Curtis Curtis

    Ah yo Santa let's get something clear
    I'm half Jewish I shouldn't even be talkin about this time of year
    But I'm near tears tryin to fund my record label career
    While everyone drinks beer like they at Cheers makin Nintendo bets
    on debts from bad rekkid deals for real I'm probably next
    I'm here sweatin my ass off, it's July
    But by the time this comes out I'll be behind my release schedule and
    Mariah Christmas will be sellin out- why?
    I never did nothin bad to nobody
    I'm still friends with all my Ex's who stole money (Aw honey)
    Don't aw honey me/Just give me the money please
    One of those cards with a pocket for cash
    A big stash or check to cash I'll snatch it before you realize you acted
    rash and come at me all mad
    I've been good, well pretty good, at least in my mind
    Please let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime
    I'm too poor to afford life size cut out cardboard of me poured into a size
    4 with a floppy Santa hat
    On the record store floor
    Need ace product placement/Listening Station so while I'm on vacation I got my face
    On Raisin Brans round the nation
    I'm impatient need my wax to sell by the cases
    Like Mase's in God's good graces I'll be gracious
    Just let me retire with his wages
    I'm not aimless I wanna be A-list
    Hang out with someone famous, then my friends and I would all have someone to date us
    Like Tom Hanks, Billy Blanks, Shabba Ranks or any of the Franks-
    Stallone, Purdue, Avalon, or Delanor Roo
    Bill Gates too-(Ew!) It's true, all I gotta do is sell through
    Go on tour then put out a live record real quick like Frampton or Badu
    I got a cold, it's gonna be Xmas soon and I'm getting old
    Hi Tower? Hi it's me again, how many units we sold?
    You mean we didn't go platinum or like gold?
    (Beep beep) Oh-that's my Rolls-
    Wait-- I'm on a payphone please don't even try to put me on hold!!
    Ok you're all listening to my song that's a good sign
    So either you bought it, it's on the radio or your friend is sayin "ha ha
    listen to this funny song!"
    That's fine
    But if that's the case don't even think about the blank tape
    Take a date with your lazy ass go to Virgin or Other Music they close late
    And in case you don't make it visit my web site blah blah dot com
    See old sexy pictures of me, order my record, buy the clean version for your mom
    Santa, just one hit, one seasonal favorite
    One tear jerker piece of commercial shit for the ages or just enough to get
    an agent
    Watch how fast I'd sell out, get the cash get the hell out
    Be on VH-1 Where are They Now
    Eatin filet mignons by the pound
    Round baby, fat and gettin down baby
    No need to fit in fancy clothes now baby
    Hey get the Camera crews off my grounds!
    Call me flash in the pan, the blonde chick who thought she could rhyme
    Please, just let me sell a lot of records at Christmastime!

    Come up to My Room (feat. Baron Ricks)
    (C. Kirschner, B. Ricks)
    Produced by R. Alston, C. Ambrose, J. Adkins, C. Kirschner & C. Webster (BMI)
    Guitar: Cezhan Ambrose Bass: Walter Sipser Bark: Louise!

    Sit with a loved one for this one. Not recommended for kids under the age of 10.

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    Kool Keith's Ass
    (C. Kirschner)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    With Kool Keith Girl: Irina.
    Bass: Walter Sipser Shaker/Digital Scratching: Curtis
    Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta

    I've been thinking about Kool Keith's ass for a long time now
    Thinkin about how I gotta get out find out where he hangs out with his pants down
    I know he likes porno stacks and cable, mentally unstable
    But that's ok I'll cook dinner then make him dance naked while I medicate
    him and clean off the kitchen table
    He lives in LA I hate it there but I got big blonde hair so I'll fit in,
    visit my Grandma, play her my new CD
    And then from there go to Burbank, sit in the studio audience of Jeopardy,
    make Keith take me to
    Universal Studios, Disneyland, Viper Room, then he'll get in bed with me
    I mean, the guy needs a little therapy.
    "It depends how much you're willing to destroy my career"
    Ha! That's what he says to me? How ya gonna say that Mr. Dr. Doom insane
    rat sandwich Dr. Octagynocologist Obscenity
    Now he's on Columbia Records I hope it doesn't wreck him, maybe it's better
    for where he's headed
    There'll be more ladies, Keith's ass, I gotta defend it!
    Martial Arts Star Wars bar hoars I keep shot callers
    I sleep with all Kool Keith lyric sheets in my teddy bear in my bare arms
    I just wanna cuddle up against the bare moon, I wanna spoon
    He could sing me "Blue Flowers" in my ear, but maybe this time, it'd be in tune
    Look Keith, if you're listening send me an aol email, I'm a hot female, I
    keep it real, representin what?
    Your butt.

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    Bump Your Ass Off (feat. ChessTBunz, Slick Muffins & Brock)
    (C. Kirschner, Riggs-Morales)
    Produced by Concetta, Curtis Curtis, and Cezhan Ambrose (BMI)
    Strings: Petra Haden, Cezhan Ambrose
    Bass/Keys: Concetta Add'l. Vocals: Curtis Curtis
    Drums: Curtis Curtis, Concetta, Cezhan Ambrose

    Me and my girls were looking for the party
    Sippin on Shirls, Cherry 7, no Bacardi
    There's that new club in town (the Ass Palace)
    Word, and they patted us down
    Looked around crazy lights flash fog on the ground
    The place was weird and it gets weirder still for real
    On the Ceil, I couldnt tell but
    Floatin there, a girl in some fake ass Gucci underwear
    Naked, gold skin bare
    Aint no joke (Did you toke?)
    Nah I didnt smoke, she spoke, told us to take our pants off
    I'm like Nope! Everyone was trance dancin with their hands up
    I still had my pants up But then she go.
    Sweep your feet with the beat unique get what you really need
    Follow the beat faster than Superman speed
    Rock the beat shakin the butt on the cuts beat it Billy Jean beat on the butt
    Simon says Get the fuck up /My Pharoah Monchi chi
    How you soft and cuddly
    Pourin all them big boobed bitches bubbly
    Shake funnily /nuff bitch for two chew chew bless you twin boo how they call me?
    Peppermint Doubly

    Everybody get up/Take your pants off
    Everybody get up/Bump your ass off
    Bump bump your ass off

    Check the panoply, a bubbly butt in the back of me
    Cacophony of butt smacks 'n happy cackiling
    Ass grappelling All happening while I'm didact-a-ing
    Keep practicing
    ChessT: What she sayin?
    Princess: Stop thinkin, just dig in
    ChessT-shake your Big-uns
    It's just the beginnin remove linens all the womens
    Grab your men 'ns freak like Richard Simmons
    No time to be timids Don't limit your image
    Get lucky bump at home at your cribbage
    C'mon get a move on/Get your groove on
    This aint the right song/To leave no pants on
    Hit em with a hee haw on the beat ya
    Goddamn, nice to meet ya


    Alright, it's time to learn a new dance now
    Get yourself a partner. Now I want one partner to turn away the opposite direction
    Partner #1 grab one of partner number 2's buttcheeks with one hand
    Now cross over the other hand and grab the other buttcheek & now move it in
    time with the trumpet
    Candy cone lick it til it's gone
    Kick it take it home smack it Kit Kat
    Hang the phone hit that drive it home
    When I say it's on then it's on
    When I take it home then you best be on, dance c'mon
    Body shakin you achin want you all to get naked while I'm makin & takin your body
    Breakin your body wit naughty keepin the party hearty
    Hey Smartie roll up your sweet ass and party
    Aint nothin wrong House music ALL NIGHT LONG
    Go ChesT Go ChesT Go ChesT!
    Take a look at who you dancin with
    Tell em who you gonna do it with
    Tell em I'm gonna do ya!
    When Brock's in the club
    Getting lots of the love
    From the sluts with the butts that be stuck on the drugs
    I see you on the dance floor looking all stuck
    Now you awestruck cuz Brock got pull like a fuckin small truck
    Meet me at the bar so we can have a few drinks
    Just see how you think and why you actin all stink
    Then hit the dance floor after we buy out the bar
    Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night like El Debarge
    Your hips is nice and your tits is all soft
    But girl I wanna see you with your pants off
    Go ChessT!
    Poke me mon, all this booty-- you gotta catch it all!!

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    NYC Cunt
    (C. Kirschner, C.Webster)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Bass: Walter Sipser Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta
    Guitar: Concetta Hand: Suede!
    Intro Players: Felicia, Walter Sipser, Louise Crane, Clyde Haygood
    NYC Cunt singers: Louise, Hirschel, Clyde, Lissa, Curtis, Amanda Ray, George

    CUNT, New York City New York City CUNT!
    Yo I'll put it blunt if that's what you want
    Yo I am a Cunt and that's what you want
    You take affront, just shake your butt just shake your butt
    New York City? What!
    I'm busy, getting busy on the mic, Cause I do, do whatcha like
    Jump high, yeah hit that height, Now bounce that ass, just bounce aight?
    Ya'all show me love when I step in your club
    I'm nasty, I don't care, you bug
    Hey check me, fresh candy on the shelf, When I think about me, I touch myself


    It's hot in the city, I'm from New York City
    Not Atlantic City no New Jack City
    Hey yo Kansas City, I love New York City
    Wha? Twin City is my titties
    I'm money, put your mouth where the bitch is
    Ya'all finished check my sink, wash dishes, Vicious, I'm the CEO see-
    You wanna get with me, work for me


    Gotcha on lock walk on the block ya'all wanna talk cuz you're ugly I'm not
    I got a man (What's your man got to do with me?) --Exactly!

    Coutures fight to dress me, SAT scores ain't high to test me
    Dow Jones on my ass try and assess me, Steal your shit then do the cop that arrests me
    Rentin the Bentley just to rock Wendy's, Frosty on my Fendi crash into your Hyundai
    Blob of the Bengay put it in your panty so while I fuck you man your thing's burnin with the Bandaid
    Ya'all don't wanna mess with me, honestly, they call me the other white meat
    I keep my fee so deep I got those motherfuckin Jetson jets on my feet
    Ya'll don't wanna mess with me, honestly, they call me the other white meat
    I keep my fee so deep so high, I don't gotta finish my rhym--

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    Year Two Thousand (feat. John Forte)
    (J. Forte, C. Kirschner, C. Webster)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Bass: Concetta Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta

    Princess Superstar's year to make a million women and men scream and cry
    through the millennium
    All up in 'em comin off like deep impact in your drawers because
    This hootchie mommy's booty makes Donald Trump look poor
    Like Dionne Warwick I'll predict your future trick super kicks
    You will listen to this, buy this, 95 cents a damn minute
    Admit it, when you were on monkey bars you thought there'd be candy bars,
    Marquee stars
    Emblazoned up with your name in it
    Maybe you need to shoot me into outer space cuz I don't belong here
    Not in this place not in this atmosphere
    You can take your Palm air Range Rover bitch Plastic tit politics
    And pay it in ducats to the Corrupt Conglomerate
    Fuck it/ I Don't need to party like it's 1999 cuz by that time, the next day at 9:00
    That kid'll be working for me bright and early
    Waxin for me, Filin taxes for me-- suckin dick for me

    What did you dream, what did you dream you'd be?
    Are you where you wanna be?
    2G, Kick it off

    I was gonna be a scientist with more dough
    Marilyn Monroe 2 kids mansion & hi rise co condo mondo
    Fresh pond in the backyard
    High gates and attack guard
    Now look on my card (what's it say?)
    Bitch in charge of shit at my big dick day job
    I got more leg than any legacy to leave
    But I got my head, and peeps and me got plenty Hennessy to pee
    Please call Nasa bring my ass back to your planet
    See I am something I never thought, never even dreamed I'd be
    Princess Superstar
    And at 2G When ya gonna be what you wanna be
    When ya gonna be what you really want to be?

    What did you dream, what did you dream you'd be?
    Are you where you wanna be?
    2G, Kick it off

    (You'll have to ask John Forte the dope shit he kicked next.!)

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    Love/Hate to be a Player
    (C. Kirschner)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Bass: Walter Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta

    Love Love to be a Player.

    I'm in the right mode, real bold untold riches in my pocket
    Well you heard my rhymes you seen my pictures
    Bitches see me, they wanna be me
    And all the brothers run to them cuz they can't reach me
    For real maybe I'm magic, everyone David Coppafeel
    Automatically grab it
    Diva Don't fuss believe me, you built like a bus I'm a jump you like Kneival
    in a rush. Please

    I got a Ph.D a playa hatin degree when it ain't me check me
    University teach class dispatch grade D my Keats kick you in the Balzac
    Alls that so wack/hiphop hits gone bad/ but that brag dag, it's temptin
    Money Cash Hoes let me kick a little somethin
    I can put the ho back in hotel, write, win a Nobel, run wit the cartel,
    Rock? Well I rock well, slam like a Montel, fat eat a Snackwell, smack like
    a Bonne Bell
    Talk with the tic tac on the Startac wait hate that
    It's Rap gettin tired
    Booty Call of the Wild -I'm snorin
    Like Hootie all of a sudden-borin
    You Don't Blowfish? Hmm..Let me finish, I'm a step wit
    Someone on the right tip the right shit, the champ sip
    Trap for the flip hit Billboard shit
    Damn I did it (what for?)
    Connect 4, pretty sneaky sis, gimme some more
    Cuz this Cracker needs a Jack , need some caramel in the back
    And since you askin lick me like Baskin,
    Like you Robbin cream/where you been?
    Multitask my ass like computer blue Year 2
    Oh no shoot, Hal's gone crazy /Amazing, Grace
    Like Jones I'm a giant, Body Y-2-K compliant
    Please, I'm ready for 3 grand
    Cryogenic freeze, I'm the nations gift for future man
    No frozen skeeze jokes, Ya'all shut up

    I love to be a Player
    I hate to be a Player, worse I hate to relay it

    You better run for cover
    Last tango with the lover, get the butter
    See my vest !see my vest!
    Take it off see my chest (Doh!)
    I confess boy I'll house you
    Break you off a little I'm about to astound you
    Always ill on Principal like Victoria
    got a pimple shit now I'm borin ya
    Braggadacio should just be a font
    Tired of players, playa haters, playa songs
    It's time to innovate, elevate the music
    I can solve a Rubix, bounce my boobies
    Can't stop it/constant I'd better get a grip
    A-4 You sunk my Battleship
    Mackin it but fight back and hit Chaka and the Sleezestacks
    We really need that
    Time to succumb, drop the "succ" time to cum, put the suck back in make you cum again
    You'll comprehend
    If you want to be my lover /stay the fuck away from my friends

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    Sex (I Like)
    (C. Ambrose, C. Kirschner, M. Linn, W. Sipser)
    Guitar: Cezhan Ambrose Bass: Walter Sipser
    Drums: Money Mike Linn Vox: Concetta
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)

    I like Sex. I like Sex. I like Sex. I like Sex.
    I like sex in the mornin like sex in the night
    like sex in the evenin wanna fuck all night
    I like sex in the morning like sex in the day
    like sex in the tub pull out the drain
    C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon
    Said I don't want to get stuck on you
    I don't want to talk to you
    I'm not feelin all confused
    I just want sex cuz I'm loose
    C'mon, C'mon, C'mon, C'mon
    Douze Francs, douze francs
    I already heard your name
    And I have always felt this way
    I am going so insane
    I think I'll have some sex today
    Douze francs Douze francs!

    Do it Like A Robot (Jon Spencer Remix)
    (C. Kirschner)
    Produced by Jon Spencer
    Live Drums/Guitar by Jon Spencer

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    My Life
    (C. Kirschner)
    Produced by Curtis Curtis and Concetta (BMI)
    Drums/Keys: Curtis Curtis and Concetta
    End Live Drums/Guitar: Concetta Percussion: Curtis
    End Bass: Walter Sipser

    This is a story from my life see I wouldn't want to lie getting on by with my lullaby
    And all a my friends getting high mens holler holler hi all the time
    But I can't find no man to love me
    Sometimes I get up I'm down I feel deadened hurt headed I'm down so I sweat it
    Through my day this ain't the way chained to the desk mess hurt wrists phone fits and post-its
    I heard it gonna change but see you in it hard to see the final minute when
    the world is yours all yours
    I'll get it I mean it And in the evenin, I'm alone
    Not by the phone but I'm alone yo
    Persevere all my fears try to weigh me down look around my ceilin's peelin
    rap deal you feelin I ain't now
    Do it myself independent gotta try, no lie/ ain't No Limit kid no Majors
    gonna fuck me up right
    I just want to sing a song about my life, my life

    This is a story from my life see I wouldn't want to lie getting on by with my lullaby
    And all a my friends getting high mens holler holler hi all the time
    But I can't find no man to love me

    I'm sweet like nickel candy debutante on the street what in heat
    Caught you haulin at me, mind stallin at me
    Need you workin for me, need you talkin to me, not something fuckin on me
    I'm patient like a doctor got the stock of proper genius hottest Venus
    On top I'll stop your heart drop your jaw right to your pe-better heed this
    Queen of Mt. Olympus can't resist the goddess honest
    The kind you never/always take home to your mamas
    Accomplish what no other can treat you like no other man
    Understand this mad mind body you ain't seen in a woman
    My mommy posessed this passed this on/ dad made me strong played me mad songs growin up
    Told me I be the one well I want the one/levels deep and heart drum beat
    boom beat boom beat
    But complex properties of my mind keep em 10 steps behind /takin mad time to find a guy it ain't right
    Worthy of my lullaby it ain't right/ try to keep this shit inside it ain't right it ain't right
    All night I can drive you wild, the sex the intellect get respect fuck the cheddar/better bet
    I'm the next to get mine find mine it's alright but sometimes it hurts my mind

    Word to God
    I'll be the best girl you ever got, I'll keep it so hot
    I'll just never stop
    I got the plot locked, I got no guns cocked
    And if you with me let me hear you say Nana
    I'm sure that this is more than you can handle
    This example/ coming from a girl placed high up on the mantle
    Hold a candle to it, sick of the predicament
    Tired of the bull thick headed, need a sedative to get at it, well I invented it.
    My case in point I would anoint you my prince
    Love you head toe to fingerprints all benefits laugh and count all our kids,
    make all our bids
    Butterfly kiss with our lids/Let's make it come all to this
    Gem at the precipice of the palace/ drink from my chalice
    Never be jealous, no malice, I'll be your ballast
    When winds blow on I'll stand strong
    When winds blow on I'll stand strong.

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    Stinky Cologne
    (C.Kirschner) Produced by Concetta and Curtis Curtis
    feat. TJ Tindall and Duke Williams

    I enter, take my seat at the bar
    Order Hennessy straight up with a straw
    Adjust my person so my person looks good
    "Look at her, Look at her, Look at her"--I look good
    Slip out the benj, watchin the mens, bartend asks for 10's
    Don't understand who I am apparently
    But that's ok cuz I see someone kinda special
    Especially lookin at me
    Big brown eyes big brown chest tank top mesh
    Gold chains kinda fresh
    He checks, he flex, he steps, I guess I'm the WNBA
    We got next
    The ill figure in the Hilfiger, 10 feet away, I'm about to parl-ay
    But wait, what the hell is that, my eyes start to water, big hair falls flat
    No need for intros, my nose has met you first
    I gotta make a call, I think I lost my purse
    Lets play doctor, I'm a be your nurse
    Give you a sponge bath disinfect you first

    "My baby left me, left me all alone"
    That's right I left you you should have known better than to wear that stinky cologne
    "My baby left me, left me all alone"
    Damn straight I left you, you should have known better than to wear that stinky cologne

    What's wrong C, yo what's wrong C
    It's my gland, I think it's olfactory

    I was walkin and talkin, knockin you rockin brew a perfume
    Ain't no stoppin Pepe le Peu
    Where's my cleanin crew 'cause now this boo smells like you
    Sincere, I gotta wash that man right outta my hair
    Atomizer traumatizer I'd advise ya wear a visor with a sign or little lighter
    Sayin you'd be wiser to divide up me and my aroma geyser at the diner appetizers
    Hurt incisors, insider tip-don't wear the shit

    "My baby left me, left me all alone"
    That's right I left you you should have known better than to wear that stinky cologne
    "My baby left me, left me all alone"
    Damn straight I left you, you should have known better than to wear that stinky cologne

    The moral of the story is this-
    You be sprayin this, you ain't playin this
    Like Titanic ship, near, far, wherever you are
    I smell it, yo step away from the car
    Hey Drakkar Noir, peace see ya later
    You rode my elevator, I breath like Darth Vader
    Just Be. For Eternity. While I Escape your CKB quickly

    If there's a cure for this, hell I want it, hell I want it
    And if there's a cure for this hell I need it, hell I need it

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