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    I知 at the top and there痴 nowhere else to go
    You can call me nice or you can call me CEO
    Cuz if you dis I値l be quick to dismiss ya
    Put you in the mailroom where I won稚 even miss ya

    The color of my Amex is strictly platinum
    Would you like to do lunch ya誕ll can come
    Put the fancy food on my plate
    Cuz I知 livin so large you can call me Bill Gates

    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO take a business card
    I知 the CEO and I知 livin damn hard
    I知 the CEO!

    Don稚 waste my time cuz my time is your money
    Did I hear someone laugh, the shit ain稚 funny
    Cause I can work 9-5 like I was Dolly Parton
    But I知 makin suckers wish that they never went to Wharton

    This ain稚 no small business like the Hair Club for Men
    In the Fortune 500 well I知 in the top ten
    Now I知 talkin on the cell phone but don稚 touch that dial
    Better yet get off that butt open the drawer get me a file

    The style that I sport is always Bergdorf痴
    I don稚 take no retortin cause my desk is my basketball court
    I play the sport with all the heavy hitters
    And at Sotheby痴 I知 the highest fuckin bidder

    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO!
    Where痴 my fuckin secretary?
    Yeah I値l call you back next january
    I知 the CEO!

    This takeover痴 kinda hostile
    Men beneath me- docile
    Excuse me but my driver痴 waiting outside
    And I got to jet
    Of course, the private jet
    50 men in suits to serve me inside

    And if you don't know, now you know!

    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO!
    Better than the president
    Your yearly wage is what I pay for rent
    I知 the CEO! OHHHHHHH

    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO!
    I知 the CEO take a business card
    I知 the CEO and I知 livin damn hard

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    "The Little Freakazoid That Could"
    (Caffrey, Kirschner, Webster)

    I知 not the baddest or the maddest or the Central Park address
    No Chivas, no Lexus, ain稚 got the flattest solar plexus
    I throw it down with everything I got
    Cause I知 just a girl--not
    Me, I never use the word just
    To the maximum my axiom get into my taxi, um
    Listen, it wasn稚 always like that
    I used to feel freaky, icky
    Bein bad like Darling Nikki
    Never ever fit the mold at school or in the hood
    But now the children sing she痴 the little freakazoid that could

    Freakazoid! I know I can I know I can
    Freakazoid! I know I can I know I can

    P-Supe (what) and it don稚 come from Campbell
    Just move (what) place my butt upon your mantel
    See I cut from the gut to get everything I need
    And I stick with it if at first I don稚 succeed
    And I知 out and I知 out lettin my freaky flag fly
    You don稚 ask why cuz you know that I try
    Accept yourself, express yourself to the limit
    Body soul or chicken roll you know that I知 in it
    And you know what
    Sometimes you feel like a nut
    And sometimes you don稚

    Freakazoid! I know I can I know I can
    Freakazoid! I know I can I know I can

    Hey yo Ski-I wantcha to come round here and show the audience we mean bonified, fortified, nutrified
    Yeah that痴 what I知 talkin about
    Cuz you know, soon I値l be rollin in the Rolls to go bowling after the show
    I値l be strollin, patrollin the streets with a feather in my hat
    Imagine that, huh, I think I made myself Claritan, clear in that
    I got the throttle cause I知 mack like the truck
    C知on everybody let痴 get------

    Get up Get up Get up --never sit down!

    Woke up I didn稚 know what day it was
    I been through some shit boy you never believe it
    Cuz I struggle everyday to keep my head up like a tower
    You know why - I got the Power!
    And I ain稚 never givin up sucker
    Put me on the field I知 a cook your ass like Betty Crocker
    It痴 like this and like that and like this and uh
    Nobody beats the Priz--cess and uh
    Once again it痴 on

    People wanna know if I知 a diva
    Well let me see, uh
    I wrote these lyrics at a day job
    Not Nassau Coliseum
    But I知 a get there soon boy
    blow up the spot like in my own platoon boy
    Reading bad press I get depressed really major
    Goddamn yo, at least I知 in the fuckin paper
    And when the goin gets tough Mr. Ocean said it best
    Put that ass in gear baby put it to the test

    Scuse me, I don稚 believe I was finished
    Making all your bad hurt feelings be diminished and delicious
    Like a tasty ice cream or scone
    Let me make you pant for the milk bone
    Woof woof and let it all hang out
    Don稚 you just freak baby freakin freak it out
    Kick it trick it or lick it but please don稚 stick it up your nose
    If you wanna strike a pose you gotta keep it on the real inside
    Keep it on the real inside, keepit on the real inside.

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    "I知 in Love with the Music Biz"
    (Kirschner, Soden)

    Good Morning Mr. Sparrow!
    I壇 say it痴 a beautiful day!
    Ready to go hang up flyers on Avenue A?
    What痴 that tiny sparrow?
    Oh you池e all tuckered out from your day job
    Well you know what I do when I知 feeling down...
    I shove my ass into a bustle and I march into the biggest office
    of the biggest record company, and I say...

    I知 in love with the music biz, it gives me such a thrill

    Shopping my tape, the look on your face as I let out a trill
    I知 in love with the music biz, hey sparrow don稚 you agree
    We値l find the dirtiest van we can, a rolling home for you and me!

    I知 enchante with the A & R department
    They say I値l go far but don稚 play guitar
    Good heavens, yessir right a way!
    Light and gay is the way I feel when I知 beggin a deal
    They always say no,but cause I知 so po
    I always enjoy my meal!

    The check痴 just in time it痴 from BMI
    For $5.39 let痴 get in the line for welfare
    There, there
    Lawyers, publicists, radio promoters
    With tight fitting jeans and cars that use motors
    Round the maypole

    We tiptoed into the studio a smidgen past noon
    Mr. Sparrow, a pidgeon, and Suits the baboon
    An animal orchestra if you please
    Suits! You池e getting pawprints on all the CD痴
    I知 in love with the music biz
    Operator! David Geffen, ring me through
    Princess Superstar痴 holding the line

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    "I Got to Get Aloan with You"

    See you walking down the street you look so snappy
    Come on baby baby don稚 you wanna make me happy!

    I got I got to get alone with you just to see what it is what it is that you do!
    Oh baby I got I got to get alone with you just to see what it is what it is that you do!

    You池e freaking me out you池e number one the best
    You池e my birthday yeah you池e my Christmas!

    I got I got to get alone with you just to see what it is what it is that you do!
    Oh baby I got I got to get alone with you just to see what it is what it is that you do!

    My brain starts to stutter cause you pop up in it every second
    You say you got a girl, call me the homewrecka
    And I ain稚 lyin cause I don稚 give a fuck
    I push the girl right outta the door and wish her good luck
    And listen kid you count yourself lucky
    You got a blowpop cause I want candy
    I got to get alone with you, 24/7 I wanna be on top of you
    And yes yes you will be mine all mine
    You got a Timex, check it, in 5 minutes we値l be making time
    I知 in my prime check it out full grown
    Why don稚 you be McCauley, we could be home alone
    I知 not tryin to tease you I just have to explain
    I知 gonna please your body, right and left side of your brain
    Yeah it痴 like that

    Now it痴 gettin kinda late and I really don稚 feel like waitin
    What痴 the season?
    I知 packing lots of heat and I ain稚 talkin 礎out a gun
    Come and take your Mazerati for a test run
    Guaranteed for speed but warranteed for a long time
    Come on and check the merchandise
    I want ya uh uh I want ya
    You surprised?

    My strawberry痴 ripe for the pickin
    Not like the colonel but I知 sure finger lickin good
    You池e like a paper factory with all of that wood
    Could you be mine, would you be mine, won稚 you be my lover
    I gotta get with you see what you do, 祖ause baby there ain稚 no other

    I got I got to get alone with you, I got I got to get alone with you

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