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  • Press Quotes

    "It's the second best concept album of the year. No, wait. It's the best rock opera concerned with celebrity since Tommy. Shit, wait -- this isn't doing My Machine justice. How about: It's one of the best motherfuckin' albums of the year. Got that? Repeat 10,000 times, bitch." – Pop Matters

    "A refreshing alternative to blinkered mainstream hip hop stars." – The Independent

    "A bass- pumped hip pop/greasy electro funk, with savvy and dazzling deft rhymes." – Time Out

    "Fresh and funny" – The Sun

    "Bold, imaginative, bringing much-needed wit to the electro scene." – Zoo

    "Infuriatingly catchy" – Guardian

    "2005's answer to 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' ... A lyrical, musical and narrative success." – DJ

    "What's most brilliant are her lyrics, which are laugh-out-loud funny. For where other female rappers do super-explicit sex rhymes, and mirror the witless bravado of their male counterparts, Princess Superstar spins an altogether more playful, ironic line of tease. If her turntables ever seize up, a career in stand-up beckons." – The Times of London

    "Smart, funny, and playfully pornographic." – Playboy

    "Princess Superstar is an essential slice of purple prose for both the hip-hop and post-Cosmo sets." URB

    "Rarely a second passes without the New Yorker impressing with her dazzling lyrical flow." – Sleazenation

    "…a smart, relentlessly funny party record that takes the proud-slut posturing of Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown to the next level." – Nerve.com

    "(Princess Superstar) does it with wit, unexpected imagery "Eating Cinnabons at a mall on Mars," and utter lack of respect for genre boundaries. But it's Princess's barbed observations, such as her wish to emulate Eminem and play to "a million white faces in Dayton", that make this album a bit of a treasure." – The Guardian

    "Top-Shelf lyrics…dropping pop-culture references with skill and precision, Princess Superstar earns her cocky moniker." 4 Stars – Vibe

    "Positively dripping with postmodern panache." – Alternative Press

    "Princess Superstar is a downtown Manhattan Diva." – Business Week

    "What makes the bold and the beautiful Princess Superstar irresistible is her sense of humor." – Planet Magazine

    "Her approach is fresh and funny as hell, and the record simply sounds like no others out there." – Time Out New York

    "Forget your Eminems and all that soft-core shit-have a gander at this!" – Melody Maker

    "Super-sly hip hop with jaw-droppingly clever lyrics and creative sampling." – CMJ

    "PS Is" Nominated as Best Album of 2002 for The Shortlist, by Damon Albarn (Gorillaz, Blur)