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    Welcome to Ask Princess Superstar's Mom!! This wise all-knowing Uber-Mom will answer any of your questions about love, life or music! She is brilliant, after all, she birthed big-ass Princess Superstar!! Fill out our form to submit your question to Princess Superstar's Mom.

    Question from Steve in PA:
    Listen, it's REALLY making me crazy... and i need to know. Will the Maxi-Single CD releases be available here in the states, or will I need to scrounge them internationally via ebay? I will do so if there are no plans of Domestic Release Dates, but I'd rather buy them where I know the sale will count-- I want the opportunity to vote with my dollars! We'd also like to se some of the harder-to-find material re-released... Please share any current plans. (If the intention is to milk a good thing, milk away; 'My Machine' displays musical growth of EPIC proportions!!) Just keep the die-hards posted, so we know! Thanks

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    Hi Steve! We are going to start selling the maxi-singles at the PS store—check it here. You can even request an autograph from my daughter with your order!

    Hi first of all i want to say you and your husband are an amazing combo to make a beautiful girl like your daughter then i want  to tell u that i had a dream that she was singing a song with paris hilton who is currently working on an album and the song was a remake of that song u know the one that goes,these boots are made for walking and thats just what theyll do one of these days these boots are gonna  walk all over you.... you remember that well in my dream they both had dior boots on anyway i just thought u should ask her to consider it my  dreams usually end up being sucsess like the one i saw of anna nicole losing weight. anyways caio darling.

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    This is clearly a precognition of the future, a future that will definitely happen during the Age of Superstar Clonedom as described in My Machine.  However, Paris Hilton will be doing the boot thing with a Superstar clone.

    Question from Joe King:
    First let me be the latest to claim to be your daughter's biggest fan. Then, let me chide you for presumably being the one who instilled the awful manners in her! I write, I call, what do I hear? Nothing. Did you teach your daughter that it's okay to forget the little people when she finally achived the MegaStar status we all know she so richly deserves? I'm sure she's too busy jetsetting from deal signing to deal signing to party to afterparty to answer her own e-mails, but if you would please have one of her handlers let her know that her fans in Boulder miss her, I'd sure appreciate it!

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    It's absolutely awful. I myself have to schedule with her manager to get any time at all with her. But that is the price you have to pay for birthing a Superstar.

    Question from Alex Bretherton:
    Where can I get hold of Princess Superstar and Alexander Technique on 4 turntables (What the Fuck Numero Uno)? Missed the gig - want the CD! Thanks.

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    Very good question my friend. This is a fabulous mix CD and everyone should own at least one! You can order it off the website for $10 plus $2 shipping. Just click on the order page.

    Question from Jason Kirschner:
    How did you raise such amazing children? The world needs to know!

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    Jeans. Jeans. It's all in the Jeans!

    Question from PhilKill:
    How much will it cost me to get on your daughter's record label? Also, if she will can I have your permission to have a date with her... I wanna go to Six Flags with her... Hey I am trying my hardest.

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    Dear PhilKill, it will cost you 10,000 Euros, payable directly to my off-shore account to be on her label. As for a date--are you loving and true, not to mention rich, handsome and famous? If so, that will only cost you a measily 5,000 Euros, payable to you know where. P.S. Don't tell the Princess

    Question from JJ:
    What is princess' birthdate and where do your parents come from?

    Princess Superstar's Mom:
    Paesana! Kiss-kiss! The Princess' maternal grandfather and grandmother come from Racalmuto, a city in Sicily. He was a peasant sulphur miner who smiles down on her royalness from above, I'm sure. Grandmother, Concetta Adile, is who the Princess is named after.

    Mark your calendar--the magic, blessed birthdate for Her Highness is February 25.

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