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  • Perfect
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  • Bad Babysitter
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  • My Machine

    My Machine

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  • 'My Machine' Track List
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    1. Intro via the telePATH
    2. I Like it a lot
    3. The Classroom
    4. Famous
    5. Dolly's Duplicants
    6. On Top Bubble
    7. The Mysterious Hanger
    8. Bad Girls N.Y.C.
    9. 10,000 Hits
    10. Quitting Smoking Song
    11. Sex, Drugs and Drugs
    12. Initially
    13. I'm so out of Control
    14. Coochie Coo
    15. World Council Entertainment Dictatorship
    16. Perfect
    17. What do You Want?
    18. Push, Make it work
    19. What You Gonna Do?
    20. My Machine
    21. The Death of the Superstar
    22. Artery
    23. The Great Brain Revolution
    24. The Happy
    25. The End