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  • Princess is a DJ

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    'Princess is a DJ' Track List
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    1. Hollaback Skynard (dirty south mix: fabolous vs. ludacris vs. skynyrd) - 3:51
    2. You Know I Got James Gang (James Gang vs. Rakim) - 3:52
    3. How High Tom Sawyer? (Rush vs. Redman/Methodman) - 4:11
    4. Repeatermotions (Fugazi vs. Mariah Carey!! sorry Ian Mackaye, don't kill me!) - 3:36
    5. Can I get a...Sabbath (Black Sabbath vs. JZ) - 2:51
    6. Bela what it is right now (feat. Alexander Technique) (this one is 4 songs mixed together!! try and guess 'em!) - 3:18
    7. Nann Something (The Beatles vs. Trina! too hilarious to be believed!) - 3:07