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  • Discography

    See our collaborations page to see what contributions (collaborations/side projects/remixes) the Princess has made to other artists' releases.

    February 26, 2007:
    American Gigolo III - Princess Superstar mixes the new Gigolo compilation! Prior DJs who mixed it were Tiga and Abe Duque. Here Princess takes the best of 10 years of Gigolo and mixes and mashes in her inimitable style!

    January 19, 2007:
    Mason vs. Princess Superstar - Perfect Exceeder - Take a massive club instrumental, mash it up with the luscious vocals from our infamous rapstress Princess Superstar's 'Perfect' and the end result is a crossover anthem steeped in underground credibility that has become a permanent fixture in the record boxes of everyone from underground electro to mainstream spinners. An added bonus it's a chart topping hit reaching #3 in the UK, and Top 5 for weeks.

    December 2005:
    Now is the Winter of Our Discotheque Part 2 - The 2nd installment in the popular mash up series by Princess Superstar. Buy here from Artists First! Features ODB rocks The Casbah; Ice Ice Babysitter; a dance remix of The Cure's "Screw"; and Gary Neuman vs Freeway. ONLY AVAILABLE HERE!

    November 2005:
    PS's new set of Mash Ups - "Now is the Winter of Our Discotheque" - Featuring Beyonce's Massive Attack, !!! vs. MC Hammer, LCD Soundsystem vs. The Cure vs. Kids in America and more!! Buy here from Artists First!

    September 12, 2005:
    My Machine - The epic concept album that takes you on a time trip through the future that will blow up your mind!! Featuring production by Jacques Lu Cont, Junior Sanchez, Todd Terry, Mighty Mi, Alexander Technique, Armand Van Helden, and more. Executive Producers: Arthur Baker and Concetta Kirschner.

    September 1, 2005:
    Perfect - Featuring Michi Lang and Alexander Technique & Mr No. remix. See why DJ Magazine says "Just Worship her!"

    August 15, 2005:
    Coochie Coo - Featuring an amazing Whitey remix.

    Princess Superstar and Alexander Technique's DJs are not Rockstars mixed-up madness featuring 46 tracks mashed into 17. Featuring the Beastie Boys vs. The Rapture, Peaches vs. Superstar, Vitalic vs. Khia, but oh so much more!!! A best seller in Europe, it was originally unofficially released through Gigolo Records and now is available only NOW at the store. Buy from the PS Store!

    July 21, 2003:
    MOBY VS. PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Jam for the Ladies". Superstar spits out a little jam for the ladies over this Moby beat (also featuring Angie Stone and MC Lyte.) The video features a DJ monkey puppet (made by the Henson people) and a computer animated turtle, plus the pre-requisite model chicks. Miss Superstar is a vision first in all purple and then in all white with Chanel shades. See the video in RealVideo format.

    March 24, 2003:
    K7 re-releases the classic 'Do it Like a Robot,' which Superstar had written before "electro" was deemed cool!! Featuring a remix by none other than DJ Hell!

    October 29, 2002:
    Fuck Me on the Dancefloor is released—the new delectably dirty Ghetto-Tech dance anthem that is tearing up discotheques and beds 'round the world! With production by legendary Ghetto-Tech Booty-Bar impresario Disco D, the single finds Princess Superstar paying a sexy homage to the DJ! Side B is Disco D's "You need another Drink," a total club banger!

    September 2002:
    Keith'N Me is rereleased due to uncontrollable demand. Includes the unbelievable B-side "You Get Mad at Napster," known to be one of Princess' favorite songs.

    August 2002:
    Princess is a DJ White Labels are (unofficially) released. Princess flexes her DJ'ing muscle with mash ups like JZ vs. Black Sabbath; Trina vs. The Beatles; DJ Assault vs. Hava Nagila vs. Busta Rhymes vs. Bauhaus (yes, all in one song-produced with DJ Alexander Technique) AND MORE. The girl won't quit!

    February 12, 2002:
    The Bad Babysitter single, featuring The High & Mighty, is released. 4 versions of the title track are included, with a remix by The 45 King. CD also includes the Bad Babysitter video (in both PC and Mac formats)!

    January 29, 2002:
    Princess Superstar Is is released featuring special guests Beth Orton, Bahamadia, High & Mighty, JZone, Kool Keith, The Herbaliser and more! Plus your very own Tamahoochie game on every CD (sorry, not on vinyl, we don't know how to do multimedia vinyl....YET!)

    September 2001:
    Keith 'N Me—a pornscape duet with Kool Keith is released. B-side is the frothy 'Wet! Wet! Wet!', which got bootleg club status as a remix with with Human League's 'Don't You Want Me Baby.'

    April 25, 2000:
    The Corrupt Conglomerate presents Last of the Great 20th Century Composers. Featuring a skit with Kool Keith called "Kool Keith's Ass", Jon Spencer, John Forte, Prince Paul, Baron Ricks, Brock, Chess-T-Bunz and more! Plus a custom PS video game, baby!!

    December 6, 1999:
    The Corrupt Conglomerate releases its second single—I Hope I Sell a Lot of Records at Christmastime—featuring Princess Superstar and Prince Paul.

    September 28, 1999:
    Princess' renamed label, The Corrupt Conglomerate, releases the Come Up to My Room 12" featuring Mr. Ricks of Cypress Hill and a Sinista (X-ecutioners) Remix!

    October 30, 1997:
    Princess' own label, A Big Rich Major Label, releases CEO—Princess Superstar's second full length record!

    March 1996:
    The debut LP, Strictly Platinum is released on 5th Beetle Records, and the world is never the same! Now out of print.

    A 4-Track of "Another Day" on a compilation entitled 'Slow Children at Play'. Available on 5th Beetle Records, Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Impossible to find.

    A Princess Superstar 4-Track of "I'm White" is released on a compilation entitled 'Sympathy for Count Pococurante' on Dark Beloved Cloud Records, NYC.

    September 1994:
    A rare Cassette entitled 'Mitch Better Get My Bunny' of which there are probably 5 in the world. Last asking price at Sotheby's was around $155,000. Self produced by artist.