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  • Collaborations

    June 2006:
    The hot electro track "Licky" with Larry Tee has arrived!

    June 2006:
    Princess Superstar guest rhymes on the highly anticipated Return of Dr. Octagon record with Kool Keith on the song "Eat it." Newsweek raves, "with the help of New York's Princess Superstar, he delivers one of the sexier antiwar jams in a generation."

    April 2006:
    Princess Superstar guests on the song "My Computer" on the Arling & Cameron record, 'Hi-Fi Underground.'

    The "Perfect" Accapella from My Machine is used on the Miss Kittin's new mix CD.

    February 2005:
    Princess' side project with Marflow called "The Diskokaines" brings us an italo-disco song called "Lick the Alphabet."

    September 2004:
    Hear Princess on the song "Memphis Belles" on Prodigy's 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' that went to #1 in the UK!

    July 2003:
    MOBY VS. PRINCESS SUPERSTAR "Jam for the Ladies". Superstar spits out a little jam for the ladies over this Moby beat (also featuring Angie Stone and MC Lyte.) The video features a DJ monkey puppet (made by the Henson people) and a computer animated turtle, plus the pre-requisite model chicks. Miss Superstar is a vision first in all purple and then in all white with Chanel shades. See the video in RealVideo format.

    October 2002:
    Fuck Me on the Dancefloor is released—the new delectably dirty Ghetto-Tech dance anthem that is tearing up discotheques and beds 'round the world! With production by legendary Ghetto-Tech Booty-Bar impresario Disco D, the single finds Princess Superstar paying a sexy homage to the DJ! Side B is Disco D's "You need another Drink," a total club banger!

    MC Paul Barman - It's very Stimulating. Produced by Prince Paul, Princess is featured on "MTV Get off the Air" A Cult Classic.