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Huge Impact Week!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on October 25th, 2009

Day 1 and 2

My friend Shana and I joined up with the No-Impact Project to see how mindful we could be with our impact on the environment.  Unfortunately the first day of the experiment started with us in Berlin, and we failed so miserably we decided to call it the Huge Impact project.  The main thing was we had to take a long haul flight to get home, which uses tons of fuel and lots of carbon.  The day before we bought all these nuts which were in these plastic tubs.  We rationalized it by the fact that we are both raw vegans which means we barely use the stove (electricity) plus being vegan means you are not buying into the factory farm system- thus using less water, avoiding more pollution, and saving the earth from global warming (the #1 reason for global warming is from the over abundance of cow’s farts– no kidding!)  At the airport we bought water in plastic bottles, and felt guilty, but we don’t want to drink tap water which I believe has lots of chemicals in it.  And- the people need me alive and healthy to spread my no-impact propaganda, right?!  At the Berlin airport we ran into famed porn star Ron Jeremy. He’s also got, uh I mean made a HUGE impact!


The Berlin airport is cool because they have trash cans that sort trash- paper, plastic, and refuse. You never see this in America. I splurge and have a Starbucks coffee with soy milk.  I really don’t like to support Starbucks but it was 5 in the morning and I was in Berlin and I was tired!! Also, the soymilk in Europe is non-GMO and not filled with crappy sugar, unlike all of our soymilk.  But yeah I am not really supposed to be doing this, I hate Starbucks, and normally I am carrying my own container which I forgot at home. At least I threw the plastic lid in the recycling section.  PS if you want to learn more about GMO’s and your food supply I HIGHLY recommend the movie “The Future of Food.”

On the plane we did well- we refused napkins, something I normally do in my day to day life except when absolutely necessary- and also refused the food and brought our own.  In the hotel we had prepared a beautiful salad of lettuce, sundried tomatoes and hijicki, and I ate it with my wooden spoon that I bring with me on the flight- and had the stewardess fill up my stainless steel water bottle from her big (plastic) bottle of water.  That is much better than using the individual plastic cups.  Since I travel a lot I try to always do this and use a lot less waste.  Just looking around at everyone’s trays as I write this there are at least 8 different plastic wrappers contained in one meal plus 1-2 plastic cups. Wow.

Day 3

Back home in NYC where I can control some of my impact a lot easier. I am already a dedicated composter- I put my vegetable scraps in a bag in the freezer and then take it to a local East Village garden regularly.  But I still have a serious take-out addiction. Especially places like Caravan of Dreams and Liquiteria, so my plastic consumption is less than great.  After a nice meditation, my friend Miguel and I decide to hit the streets of NYC and clean up some of the plastic to pay back for our sins.  We meet some nice construction workers and they gave us a giant sack to collect the plastic.  People look at us weird for collecting trash on the street.  I think it’s weird that nobody else does it! We try to move fast to get some exercise while we are at it, but we end up on the Lower East Side next to some famous Jewish bagel shop and Miguel decides to buy some bread to eat while we are exercising. Nice.  Even though I am mostly raw I succumb to the temptation and eat some and it’s heavenly. But then I notice the pigeons are kinda hungry so I end up feeding lots of them instead.


It’s so strange, because then I run into more famous people- this time cast members of that show Rescue Me (which I actually have never seen since I have thrown out my TV a long time ago) and Luis Guzman from some incredible movies like Boogie Nights and Carlitos Way.  Luis is exercising on the Williamsburg Bridge and we totally end up hanging out with him and walking.  He is one cool dude- he was telling us stories of how he was a kid hanging out in Washington Square Park with Dylan and Hendrix.  Now he’s working on a show for HBO, playing a character that goes around to NYC bodegas trying to sell and energy drink called “Rasta Monster.” It sounds hilarious.  We leave him and figured we messed up our exercise anyway with the bread, so we head over to Babycakes, the best vegan bakery ever- and pig out.  I refuse the containers but take a small paper bag. It’s so hard not to make any trash!!!  It’s so hard not to consume!



The good news is that today’s challenge is transportation, and I am proud to say I only walked or biked anywhere. No taxis (another challenge for me to give up.) Whew.

Day 4

Miguel and I went to hear Gabriel Cousens give a lecture on his new program Fasting to End Global Warming.  I’m gonna be assisting them and I’m so excited, since I really believe in fasting and Gabriel’s whole mission.  I did a year of nutritional training with the amazing Amy Rachelle so I am psyched to help others become vegan/raw/healthy. We shop at the Union Square Greenmarket and buy locally grown food, but we have to make sure we buy organic because not all of it is- looks are deceiving. At another favorite shop of mine- Organic Avenue– we buy green vegetable juice in glass bottles and a raw vegan portabello mushroom wrap in a biodegradable corn container. Way to go! But what would be even better is to not buy at all. I’m getting there, I’m getting there….

Day 5

Today is save energy day. I walked up 9 flights of stairs instead of using the elevator. Good for my ass, but I was exhausted.  I use less lights. It’s more romantic in my apartment. I’m doing a juice fast and eating fruit today so not using any kitchen electricity (except for the juicer.) I’m psyched because I already do lots of things that the experiment suggests we do, but this whole thing has been making me be way more conscious.  I want to also put in a plug for lemon as deodorant- just glide a lemon wedge under your arm after you’ve showered and presto! Your underarms will never stink. It’s astonishing! And you won’t be using any plastic deodorant ever again.

Day 6

Today we have to watch our water consumption.  I have a policy in my house – if it’s yellow let it mellow if it’s brown flush it down!  Lots of water gets wasted by constant flushing. Leave the pee up in there, unless you’ve been eating asparagus- asparagus makes it smelly funny! Ever notice that? I went to the worst place possible to conserve water- The Russian and Turkish Baths.  Even though there’s a sign saying “Please conserve Water” that’s the last thing they actually do. I turn off the shower in between my shampoo and my conditioner and try not to use a lot of their towels.  Later that night, I go to a workshop with Greg Scherick, and do his incredibly high consciousness work called The Process. It’s all about commitment to the higher self, purifying all the unconscious ego crap that get in the way of true joy.  This feels totally aligned with what I am doing in this experiment- cleaning up the environment=cleaning up my brain and soul!

Day 7

The day of Service. I think it’s beautiful they put this in the experiment because really nothing is more important than service! I am a volunteer with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and my relationship with my little sister Iyana is incredible.  Causes close to my heart include animal rights organizations like Farm Sanctuary and PETA.  Check out my PETA ad I did in Germany…

peta ad germany

I also think that “Service” doesn’t mean just volunteering or giving to charity- it also means being kind and compassionate to every person/animal/being you come in contact with. Be like Buddha. Be like Jesus! That’s the ultimate service. I’m not saying I can do that all the time-I yell at my boyfriend believe me- but it’s what I attempt.

One person I really look up to as far as the ultimate in Service to the Environment is Julia Butterfly. She is so inspiring. I first heard about her at Jivamukti Yoga where they encourage you to examine your relationship to the earth- and that even small things add up- so try not to use napkins or paper towels or straws, etc.

Last day!

Eco-Sabbath. They say don’t do anything- don’t buy anything, don’t use electricity, etc. Argh. This has got to be the hardest one for me. I am a doer. I am addicted to doing. Thus, Non-doing is really really good for me-except I didn’t do it! I feel like I did really well this whole week- but today I really messed up. I bought a vegan brownie in a plastic container at Whole Foods, I took an elevator, I kept the lights on, I worked on the computer, I paid money for yoga class. Oh well, there’s always something to strive for.  Tomorrow my single Life is But a Dream is coming out so I had a lot of work to do. Maybe I will try to Eco-Sabbath someday this week. I’m totally impressed by this whole experiment and pray that the whole world will join in and that I can step up my own commitment!

my hero, julia butterfly

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julia butterfly is totally amazing. she lived in a tree so that it wouldn’t be cut down, for like 2 years.

i used to hang out in trees when i was little, ask my mom, i didn’t want to come down.

but anyway, why i love her is that she is into taking action. this is a great interview with her. if you don’t feel like reading it, just know that it’s one thing to be spiritual and another to be spiritual by taking action to make the world a better place.

because of julia, i don’t use straws (excess plastic for no reason) and i try not to use napkins or paper towels (save the trees!)

Activate Your Spiritual Self (Excerpt)

Sounds True: How did you come up with the term “spiritual activation?” How did that occur to you?

Julia Butterfly Hill: As I got involved with the activist movement, I saw that in direct action there are often a lot of fingers pointing out, while in the spiritual movement there’s a lot of focusing into the inner self. But there felt like there was a profound disconnection between actions and spirit.

I had the great honor of speaking at a conference called “Spirituality and Social Action.” I began by saying, “If we truly want to have long-lasting transformation and healing in the world, we’re going to take the word and out of “spirituality and anything.” Spirituality is not a way of life – it is life. To truly embody spirituality it must become a verb. And that’s when it came to me as “spiritual activation.”

ST: It seems that some spiritual practitioners avoid issues of environmental activism, and likewise, some committed environmental activists avoid meditation and spiritual practices. Why do you think this gap exists?

JBH: We are all, as we know, born sponges waiting to absorb. I think of part of it as what I call “generational toxicity buildup.” When you put a toxin into the environment it doesn’t dilute; it gets stronger. The same is true in our human environment. We’ve been dropping toxins in and numbing our consciousness, addicting us to what I call “comfortability.” We become conditioned and we live more and more in generations that are being born into being used to having disposable lives.

I feel like there’s a question in the universe that’s just boiling right now: Will consciousness change the world? And my response has been, “Consciousness alone cannot. Consciousness in action can.”

I feel that we become products. We’re dealing with generational toxicity buildup and so the world now more than ever is begging us and asking us to wake up and to realize that every moment, every day, we all make choices – and every single choice changes the world. It’s not can we make a difference – it’s we do make a difference. What kind of difference are we going to make? That is the question we must ask ourselves.

As people who are rooted deeply in spirituality we must come to understand this, and come to ask ourselves, “What would the divine do in this moment?” The divine wouldn’t cut down a tree for a paper plate and throw it away. The divine wouldn’t look at a paper towel and wipe its hands on it. It would say, “That needs to stay a tree. We don’t need to cut down a tree to wipe our hands.” The divine would not be extracting oil and petroleum out of the heart of the Mother. So in spirituality movements we have to hold ourselves accountable to that.

Activist movements usually come from falling madly in love – and then falling deeply into pain. This spurs people into action. Sometimes we get so lost in the pain that we get more and more focused outward. It’s easier to point out everybody else’s problems than to go inside where it’s scary and where it’s fearful and where it’s deeply painful. And that’s why I feel it’s so important that the two come together, because we need all aspects. It’s all facets of one movement, but the facets have forgotten each other. It’s time to bring them together so we can shine like the gem that the universe is asking of us right now.

ST: I’ve met so many people who say, “I want to know what my role is, I want to know. I’ve been doing this, I’ve been doing that. Nothing quite feels right. It all feels somewhat external to me.” And my question is how do you really help that person find their own way to make a meaningful contribution?

JBH: I will reflect back yet again on the spiritual component, that spirituality means a connection to the sacred. For each person, the sacred is going to mean something different. I think more often than not the people I find who are looking for that next thing have yet to find their sacred. So sometimes I encourage people: go search for your sacred.

Going to search for your sacred usually means going very far inside. Go in there – it’s scary in there, and that’s why a lot of times people don’t find that “this is it.” Because it’s too intense to go into the pain, the breaking down, the melting, the liquefying that has to happen to open up that large.

So if people want to open up that large they have to be willing to do the work. One of my personal prayers is “May every breath that enters my body be a prayer.” That is so important for me – recognizing that ego does not control the world and that we’re a part of something much larger. And humbling ourselves before that, humbling ourselves to the fact that we cannot be attached to outcome. We must do the service for the sake of the service, for the sake of love, for the sake of the beauty. That, I think, is crucial in helping people find that, yes, we have to challenge ourselves to go deeper. And when we go deeper we will find what it is we’re looking for.

I didn’t go into the tree looking to become an activist. I didn’t come to California looking to become an activist. I had a question in my heart that said, “I have to be more than what society tells me and I have to be more than what my parents taught me. My parents taught me my life was only about believing in certain laws so that I can go to a better hereafter. Society taught me believing in certain laws so that I could make a lot of money so that my legacy can be how many houses and cars and jewelry and clothes and all those things. A steering wheel slamming into my skull in a car wreck in August of 1996 steered me in a new direction and said, “There’s got to be something more.” And I went in search of that. I do believe that in order to really find that calling you have to be willing to fall apart. And that’s a challenge.

ST: Why is falling apart so critical?

JBH: Our greater calling is attached to the divine. Our greater calling is attached to something much more than ourselves. When we are rigid and attached we have decided who we are and what our world is and what it’s all about – we know it and we’ve already figured out what kind of a vessel we are. We’ve got it. That’s that.

If we’re going to open to the higher calling we have to allow every aspect of who we think we are and what we think the world is to be challenged, and to be challenged fiercely. Maybe it doesn’t mean falling apart as in going into deep depression and “oh my goodness, my life! I quit my job and everything’s falling apart!” Falling apart just means everything we’ve conceived and believed of ourselves and our world must be willing to be beaten by the storms. There’s no way that when you get beaten by the kinds of storms that will come that part of you won’t fall apart.

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly by liquefying. We must reach that point where everything we perceived ourselves to be will appear to be crumbling and falling apart. But it will be a process of growth and transformation like we could never have imagined possible.