Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 1st, 2017

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  • Offshore

    Princess Superstar, it is true that many tragedies come with the kind of freedom we call capitalism. At the same time, as we fight to make the world a better place, it is also important to remember that capitalism, as a natural but endangered economic conditon for societies in which individual liberty is paramount – and this means the freedom to speak, bear arms, succeed and fail – capitalism, through history, has created the SAFEST and most profitable places to live on earth, especially for the poor. And people who eat raw kale. (Those Nike factory workers made a LOT of money in comparison with standard wages, supported their families, and were ALWAYS free to leave…) By the way, did you know that G. Gordon Liddy is a fan of yours? In any case I love the new site and… Keep recording! You’re the best.

  • Word? G. Gordon Liddy is a fan for real? That’s amazing.
    I beg to differ on working conditions for nike , adidas, etc. check out the link up there. Those companies make millions and they could make better working conditions for their mostly female (young) workers.
    I’m not against capitalism, I am for CONSCIOUS capitalism. Don’t think it’s cool the CEO makes a bijillion times more than the workers. Etc.

  • April_Croft

    'What sucks is that I get so many free clothes from these people. Guess I will give them to the poor' – I'm poor… please give me some of your clothes? 😛

    I don't really buy branded stuff anyway come to think of it.. so I haven't gotta change much 😛