Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 1st, 2017

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Posted By Princess Superstar! on May 14th, 2009

spam art

i get the craziest spam which i am sure you do too.

today was “smell the intimacy in your bedroom again”

um, no thanks!

you gotta check out this guy elliot burford’s spam art

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  • Hahaha wtf that cracked me up! It’s like Estonian alphabet, some letters are called chocolate and zoo park. I swear to god it’s true! HAHAHAH those people are too weird sometimes and I’m the only one worshipping their language. Now I lost my point. Oh yeah, how do you interact with people on here? I mean do people have to come back and see if someone commented after that and perhaps answered? or is there like those sites where you get notifications. I need a geek, to treat me right. I need a geek, every day and every night.

    • unfortunately you will have to check back to see if someone commented. no little elf tugs at your sleeve to notify you when someone has replied.
      we do things old fashioned round here.

  • Haha well that’s good anyway! But you know you should add a chat or something. That’d be ace. Anyway, may I talk to you about your career? It has to do with talent management and I’ve asked all the counsellors I know but they couldn’t help me, and I read that you did your own management some time ago. I’d be really interested since I wanna be a talent manager but no one seems to know what to do to be it. Bye PS and I hope you have a great time there in NY.