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Bowie….this is impossible….

Posted By Princess Superstar! on January 13th, 2016

My papa gave me Bowie- we endlessly listened to Ziggy and Station to Station on his vinyl (which I still have). Then in the 80s in Philly we went to the Let’s Dance tour and I was obsessed. I SAW BOWIE DURING the LET’S DANCE tour!!! Whaaaa?!! In 1990 I went to see him as Tin Machine at this scary club in an East Village of yesteryear called The World. I was on lots of drugs and he wore a long Union Jack jacket and I was just wanting to hear old Bowie songs so I wasn’t into it (youth is wasted on the young!)

What can I say. I owe like everything to him. I sampled his “Stay” on Fried Chicken, on my first album Strictly Platinum (it sold like 5,000 copies so please don’t sue me); I was jealous of Iman and said something snarky in “Welcome to my World” on Princess Superstar Is; and my sci-fi concept album My Machine is basically like 100 percent Bowie in electronic and hip hop form. And I am sure there are other references which my super fans can tell me- I never remember my lyrics.

I am so sad right now.

No musical artist has influenced me like he has and I am eternally grateful for his light and wisdom. Also by the way he was sober, like I am. He was definitely connected to the Source. THANK YOU DAVID THANK YOU! Black stars never die….

Some of my looks that would never be without him:




my machine



Cover of Remix magazine Oct 05

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