Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 1st, 2017

Coming January 2018- Princess Superstar’s kid album! Check it on¬†Comedy Central- Princess Superstar on Inside Amy Schumer! HEY ARTISTS! Get coached by a superstar! Next level coaching by Princess herself- check it out! Princess Superstar and Margaret Cho bring you MOTHERF$%^&% EMOJIS that will have you never using a smily face the same! Watch the […]


the new evolution.

Posted By Princess Superstar! on August 26th, 2010

the new evolution. coming soon. target date february 2011

wanna be a part of it? Go here


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  • Shaquanyoung

    hey, is PRINCE PAUL gonna produce some songs for ya?

    I feel you & him made some great stuff together.

    You & MC Paul Barman are my only favorite Caucasian rappers.

    • princesssuperstar

      i do love prince paul but no plans as of yet to work on this album. you never know though..