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peaches christ superstar

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 11th, 2010

miss peaches  4325357506_9eda2727b7_o

some artwork from my machine: PS_booklet_16_17 PS_booklet_18_19

and a cool pic of me from 1999

everyone knows lady gag owes it all to me and peaches 🙂 did you see that performance at the grammy’s? straight up grabbed from my machine. fame factory? please beyatch i did that in 2005. but i’m on to the next of course.

please look at this geniusness- peaches is gonna do jesus christ superstar with another one of my faves, gonzales.

and speaking of gonzales, please check me and him out on february 25 at joe’s pub nyc for a very special piano duet!!!

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  • Lady gaga loves hipsters. i think she will be excited if you offer her collaboration.

  • princesssuperstar

    never say never, but that would never happen. i think gaga seriously blatantly ripped me and peach off!

  • I went a really long time going “Who is this Lady Gaga I keep hearing about?”, and then when I finally saw her my very first thought was “Wow, she jacked the Princess' whole style!” God bless her for her success, but I do what I can to spread the word and give credit where it's due!

    • princesssuperstar

      you just did. thanks sean 🙂

  • Hazbi

    Good is always copied.

  • totallylogan

    normally I pay two compliments before I bash someone.. not this time. paying tribute is one thing (j-lo doing the flashdance video… it was a tribute not a ripoff, but she got sued anyways.. ) I mos def think gaga is ripping you and peaches style off.. but she's ripping off others too. lately she's been doing the whole madonna truth or dare thing (round dwayne wayne glasses, similar black bustier) which is quaint at best.. madonna's style was quite fairly original, also gaga used to do the david bowie lightning bolt face paint (rip off), but the one rip off that lady gagme i mean gaga is doing that absolutely repulses me is her christina aguilera ripoff vocals (grammy 2010)… barf barf… proof that you CAN actually over-sing a song. its become so formulaic to follow in madonna's footsteps… which i applaud that you may never be accused of. when lady gaga said 'there can be only one superstar…' she was correct, Princess Superstar!!

    • totallylogan

      I know that was hater but.. its like lady gaga took the whole facebook doppelganger week thing a little too seriously when they told her she looked like madonna.

  • owello

    She's very ambitious, you know… that makes a big difference.