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switzerland tonight!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 6th, 2010


i love switzerland-the bucolic rolling hills and the magical fairytale castles of bern and skiing the alps (once i went skiing in verbier,) and of course D club tonight- where they have a note in the computer under my booking information “princess superstar likes exploding confetti guns during her show!”

my good friend edouard, who books the club, told me  that “it’s a lot nicer to buy confetti guns than the cocaine and women requested by _______ (insert name of any number of djs, who probably make triple my fee and probably have triple my sorrows!)

please come see me tonight at one my most favorite clubs in the world!

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  • HAHAHAHAH I’ve never heard of it! Well you could almost feel home there. How many times have you been there? like 6?

    I’ll send you the pics later cuz now i gotta run to switzerland’s biggest mall in Bern to buy a few presents.