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why avatar sucks

Posted By Princess Superstar! on January 22nd, 2010

i don't see you

i don't see you

I am sure I am gonna get in a lot of trouble with people, but aside from the breathtaking visuals and awesome animals-from-another-planet constructions, I left this movie feeling totally empty. First of all, I can’t stand faux new age philosophies which are so surfac-ey that they APPEAR to be affecting change but actually don’t do shit. Like “The Secret” for example. Just manifest everything you want in your brain and you can have that!! YEAH, the only problem is that your EGO is doing all the manifesting!! Where is the acceptance of what you have RIGHT NOW? Where is the Acceptance that nothing happens in this universe by mistake? Even your pain is designed to help you spiritually progress. So it all depends on how you use that pain- run from it (by tv, drugs, drinking, eating, negating that it’s there by lame ass “affirmations” etc.) or face it head on? The Secret perpetuates the “I will be happy when…” philosophy that- guess what? Will always keep you miserable. A million dollars and a record deal or book deal or boyfriend or girlfriend etc. is NOT gonna make you happy if you are miserable now (and treating yourself and others like shit.) Trust me in this. So what can you do RIGHT now to be happy? Well, you gotta look realistically at your ego and your unconscious patterning that keep you stuck. I am doing this work called The Process which is exactly that.  I have changed a thousand percent because of my willingness to go into the icky crappy mire that is your ego- and to feel the pain. But you need a good guide, and you need support!  And also you need to surround yourself with people who are on a similar path so you can lift each other up (and get rid of the people who bring you down.)! My good friend (and the person who put out my first album Strictly Platinum), Jason McFadden, posted this on his Facebook:

People travel to wonder at the height of the mountains, at the huge waves of the seas, at the long course of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motion of the stars, and yet they pass by themselves without wondering. — Augustine of Hippo

Which brings me back to Avatar. “Oooh it’s so beautiful, it’s a perfect race of people, in touch with the earth and each other and then the bad white man comes and ruins everything out of greed but look they’re not all bad because they can change! And once they change then they can rule the perfect race!” Which is TRUE (sort of) but it’s so simplistic.  It’s all blame and no personal responsibility! What are the bulk of the people gonna do before/during/after the movie?  Eat Mcdonalds and act like the same old assholes in their lives. I mean Avatar was BRANDED ON MCDONALDS HAPPY MEALS! There is a total disconnect! It’s so beautiful and amazing and heartwarming to commune with animals and be peaceful and “see” each other’s souls but once I leave this movie nothing is ACTUALLY gonna change in my life and in my actions. Let’s all marvel and wonder at the beauty of animals and the planet but let’s keep eating meat and trashing the earth. It’s much easier to blame “them”- like the General and the war machine is bad- but what about each one of us?   What would have been way cooler is if at the end the camera pans back and shows that the General and the perfect people and planet were all inside our own heads- that we contain all of this life inside and it’s up to EACH ONE OF US to not be the asshole General in our own lives.

So don’t get sucked in to the hype. Or see the movie and then see where YOU personally are messing up the chance for us to be on planet Pandora. I know where my ego sabotages me in my life and I am working on it- and that’s all I ask of you.  And if you want to turn the sound off the movie and put on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon or the Mahavishnu Orchestra and watch it, I approve that for proper usage of the film.

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  • LukeAgius1

    Would have to disagree thought it was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. Get where your coming from though. When I seen it I just wanted to live in Pandora I wish the world did care more about nature and animals rather than oil and money

  • I think I’m the only person in the United States that has NOT seen Avatar. That many shades of blue would make me heave.

  • Avatar is true American film:
    Ooh, let’s rip of some western film and some vedic terms and place the story in future and somewhere on distant planet. and use some Greek mythology name… i don’t have time to be wordsmith creative since i forced all my creativity to SFX part of the film.

    Am i going to believe James Cameron (Kevin Costner rip-off)was writing the script?
    Ok, there’s nothing wrong to alter the story. Sergio Leone did the same with Kurosawa with his spagetti-westerns. Tarantino is like encyclopedia of references. But the sleazy sentimental films bug me like hell. They are true attack on my intellect. I can tolerate them (sleazy cheesy sentimental films) only if the are coquetting with camp, and even then i forget about the film as the end titles start to roll. and honestly i don’t know what I’m looking for in films. to artsy/intellectual/existential movies make me sleepy, i can watch them awake only if you mix them with some slasher unreal violence and sex. then they stand out for me. but i digress.
    The idea to return all the plot inside out heads with pan back is very synchronized with hindu concept of macro-cosmos and micro-cosmos. But Hollywood tries to make stuff appropriately simple for people who cannot force themselves to explore the diversity or at least read some books and enjoy music that is beyond top 40. We have lost all the magic of awareness and creation by adopting the proposed ideas of mass-medias. And i don’t wanna start with product placement. ugh!

    and i am glad to be complex f***ed up human.
    enjoying every shade of gray.

    sorry about the rant.

  • nickrapper

    Oh. My. God. I see this all around me. Everywhere we go there's this desire to be somewhere else. This desire to constantly travel, or to live in a problem-free dream world. But once we can accept everything around us, appreciate it, and sort of stop feeding our never-satiated egos . . . well, you said it best! And seriously, this WON'T change anyone's life. They'll just consider it a great film and continue consuming their brands.

    • princesssuperstar

      hey nick- totally. it's a question of acceptance of whatever comes our
      way, and being in the gratitude. granted i struggle with this a lot!
      but that's the goal!

  • I loved Avatar, mainly because it was right up my 'taste alley' in terms of escapist, visually stunning films go, but of course it also had blue things everywhere and the 3D was fun and 'new'. I am pretty sure that I live my life in a very 'earth/animal advocating' manner, and I know that i have a very low carbon footprint, and was raised vegetarian etc, so personally I really just 'got it' but yes, I really can see the majority of the public just simply not 'getting it'. Oh well, gotta just accept that for what it is i suppose. As a side note, I'm really fascinated by your use of The Process, which i was introduced to by none other than Skinny Puppy (from their album of the same name) And i concur completely with what you feel is so naive about the 'Secret' ~ as far as not realizing our 'in the moment' joys and pains are both valuable to us having our own lives that we need to have. PS – I MISS YOU. xoxoxo

  • Haven't seen the movie, but you're totally right in your analysis, this growing hype and marketing of superficial awareness is very saddening indeed

    + Great quote from the Hippo guy!


  • anon7

    sadly the movie avatar was made for only one thing: making money.

  • Pirjo

    i can only speak for myself, but “Avatar” amplified my awareness of our fragile eco-system, our loss of connection to the world and eachother. and it gave me energy to change in a positive way for the planet and the other beings around me. of course, most of the people went out of the cinema and straight to mcdonalds. but isnt it a good sign for rising awareness that this theme brought so many people into the cinemas? f.e. “alice in wonderland” was also expencive, also 3D, but had less financial success. “Avatar” is a very simple mass media production, but to inspire people you have to know where they stand and meet them there… i think.

    i hope you understand what i mean, my english is not the best i know 🙂

    • princesssuperstar

      yes, you are right- it is good that there is a rising awareness for sure. i am just being very “strict” 🙂

  • princesssuperstar

    yes, you are right- it is good that there is a rising awareness for sure. i am just being very “strict” 🙂