Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 1st, 2017

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tell me something to blog about?

Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 8th, 2009

topics, topics. i could go on for days.

what do you want to know about what i know?

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  • LukeAgius1

    I want to no when your new album is coming out roughly?
    And are you working on any remixes?

    Or is anyone remixing Life is but a dream?

    And please come back to Australia???????

    • -new album coming spring 2010!!
      -not working on remixes but rather production for other artists such as Kalae all Day!
      -yes getting some remixes for life is but a dream- so far talking to Alexander Technique, Moby, M.A.N.D.Y!
      -totally miss touring australia, it;s one of my favorites. especially for tim tams.

  • Lewish

    What is your opinion on Debbie Harry?

    Would you ever cover a blondie song?

    • totally adore her. i met her once when we both played arthur baker’s notorious return to new york parties at the great eastern hotel in london.
      i would cover a blondie song but i would probably pick and obscure one!

  • 1) Your boyfriend cuz we’re all pretty nosey
    2) SJP
    3) Cybercriminality (you’d be shocked to know that anyone can have your digits just by knowing one thing about you, I seriously am takin care now)

  • 1. his name is miguel, he grew up in nyc but is from ecuador and is an incredible spirit!!
    2. she is really really sweet and really really rich, i got to visit her brownstone in the west village that she has with matthew broderick it’s unbelievable. one of the doors is painted tiffany blue. thing is though she’s really down to earth. her kid james loves my song bad babysitter which is cute and , uh, not really appropriate!
    3. i had no idea, anyway i don’t care who has my phone number, i will say hi to anybody!

    • 1. You should post the pics of your sweetheart in your loft 🙂
      2. Awww, poor kid who will get to know how innocently he had not reacted to some pervy lyrics haha. This story is too funny actually!
      3. Well imagine if you become the new Gaga or Susan Boyle, people will stalk you, and there’s nothing worse than a stalker.

  • sleeplikewolves

    Hmm. Let me think.

    1) What is your opinion on Lil’ Kim? If positive, which is your favourite record of hers and why?

    2) Do you believe in cosmic ordering?

    3) OH and what do you think of M.I.A.? Is there any chance you’d work with her? Stranger things have happened than you and M.I.A. working together as the other day I found a video of Cyndia Lauper and Lil’ Kim performing together – Cyndia Lauper rapped.

    If you don’t believe me:



    • 1. love lil kim back in the day, especially hardcore in 95 that was my shit! she was revolutionary- no woman had rapped like that before (that i had been aware of) esp. “don’t want dick tonight” ha ha. now she’s become a bit plastic-y for my taste
      2. yes but i believe human ego gets in the way
      3. love mia and would love to do something with her. wow i never thought i would see cyndi and kim like that. craaazy

  • you could blog about books.
    I’ve recently read “Brando Unzipped” and the word that i could describe that cannot write it here ’cause it will attract spambots.
    Now I’m reading Alessandro Baricco and he is great (now reading book “City”, and FYI He also had a project with my favorite musicians Air who made music for his poetry).
    What books you read?

    • Oh Air made music for poetry? Which ones are they? And I do agree with the fact that Air is one of the best bands but it surely cannot beat TĂ©lĂ©popmusik.

      • As I did wrote previous comment i did a little research. And shockingly realised that I’m reading a book that Air did the score for.
        so I correct myself: it’s not poetry is prose. To be honest, I’d like to listen my book instead of reading it right now. (Beacuse it’s in Italian language which I speak, write and read decently good)
        check it out:

        Obviously TĂ©lĂ©popmusik hadn’t made as strong impact on me as Air. I let you wonder why.

    • that sounds really good i will check it out. i read a lot of spiritual books like bhagavan gita, gandhi’s autobiography, stuff like that. and other favorite authors are phillip k dick, oscar wilde, f scott fitzgerald, augusten bouroughs and more people i can’t think of right now because it’s past my bedtime

  • Oh thanks for the link, I understand the whole project a little bit better. I think I might get myself into it later. Well I don’t speak Italian so I think I’ll grab a french or english version but I hate translations cuz they often lose in substance. But I guess I can put my standards aside for once :p

    Oh, Genetic World is a masterpiece. I can’t make you have other taste but Angela McCluskey’s voice is just amazing! “Yesterday Was A Lie” just makes me want to be in NYC in on the 40th floor and see the city go mad while you’re safely home listenin to her angelic voice.

  • April_Croft

    I have some questions…

    1.)Do you believe in starsigns? We are both Aquarian, YAY

    2.)Anywhere you wanna travel but never have?

    3.) Fave food ever?

    4.) Tea or Coffee?