Posted By Princess Superstar! on December 1st, 2017

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don’t believe the hype! NO flu shots or swine flu shots!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on October 23rd, 2009

I was just at a lecture with Gabriel Cousens at the NY Open Center and he talked about how flu shots have been proven to be absolutely ineffective. And not only that these shots inflame the brain for up to 2 years- keeping us dulled down.  It’s just a way for big pharma to make lots of money, and for the powers that be to keep the human race stuck in lower consciousness. More people died from the swine flu shots than the actual swine flu!

Please watch this upsetting video here about a cheerleader who got the swine flu shot:

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  • BlackDragon37

    A couple of people contract swine flu and everybody starts wearing masks.

    Meanwhile, millions of people have AIDS, and no one wears condoms.

  • April_Croft

    My goodness, that's terrible 🙁 I never got the Swine Flu Vaccination.. I heard it had some pig based ingredient in it 🙁 xxx

  • marina

    How terrible! poor girl, I feel so sorry she has to go through such thing.. I just hope it will get better to ease up her life.

  • Medicalmarijuanause

    Poor girl.I can imagine how hard their life must be after contacting Dystonia.