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Coming January 2018- Princess Superstar’s kid album! Check it on Comedy Central- Princess Superstar on Inside Amy Schumer! HEY ARTISTS! Get coached by a superstar! Next level coaching by Princess herself- check it out! Princess Superstar and Margaret Cho bring you MOTHERF$%^&% EMOJIS that will have you never using a smily face the same! Watch the […]


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some great pix from last night

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 26th, 2010

more bronques pix from last night’s party (scroll down for my amazing show with gonzales!)

thanks for one of the best birthdays ever!

go shorty it’s my birthday!!!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 25th, 2010

today is my birthday, feb 25. on this day george harrison was also born! actually i am thinking about doing a tribute album to george harrison, in the booty bass style- entitled “All things Must Ass.”  Thoughts? 🙂

Today started off splendidly with my beloved boyfriend bringing me a new plant to my bed and singing merry happy anniversary birthday to you! (he’s a little confused!) and a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  Then a coffee with home-made almond milk.  Bueno Vista Social Club on the CD player. The snow is tumbling down out the window of our incredible Brooklyn loft and life is really beyond my wildest dreams.

And most of all I am excited about tonight because I have the most amazing  show planned with Gonzales at Joe’s Pub.  It is like a mini Broadway show for real, comedy, singing & dancing- my dream come true. AND the world debut of my new song and title track of my new unreleased album “The New Evolution!!”  PLUS expect us to make fun of at the very least: Canadians,English people, French people, Sitars, Ed Banger, Jazz, Electroclash, 80’s hip hop, and of course mostly, ourselves!

This just in- It’s TOTALLY SOLD OUT@! Ok , so I will post footage on Youtube and let you know. All my love to you guys, you keep me going! Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm and wildness and love!

And one last thing: one birthday wish is for all of you to sign up on my mailing list! So please please me!

Hugs, PS

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work it baby 10 years

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 25th, 2010

Work it Baby – 10th Anniversary

The Compilation

Work it Baby is one of the last remaining and most famous French House Labels around. It was founded in 2000 by world-renowned Producer and DJ Kris Menace, who initially started the label to release tracks for his friends. He has since also started the hugely successful Compuphonic label.
Over the last 10 Years Work it Baby has built up a strong reputation after nurturing artists like Fred Falke, Patrick Alavi, Lifelike, Charlie Fanclub, Serge Santiago’s Trilogyyy and Jaunt. Most of these artists releases have became worldwide club anthems and have been snapped up for re-release by labels like Azuli (Patrick Alavi “Power”) and Alan Braxes Vulture label (Kris Menace Stars On 33 Project).

The 10th Anniversary Label Compilation features 35 Tracks on 2 CDs which
includes all previous Work It Baby releases, alongside unreleased exclusive tracks from Fred Falke, Kris Menace, Jaunt and Charlie Fanclub and a guest vocal performance from ME, Serge Santiago and Kris in a anthemic club banger called “Apocalypse Rock.” Check it out!!

OUT MARCH 1, 2010

gonzales at joe’s pub feb 25-ny times blog!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 18th, 2010

oh boy do we have a big surprise for you!

gonz has been doing his piano talk shows at joe’s pub and getting so much attention, even the new york times is all about it, ’bout it.

and wait til you see what we have up our sleeves – mwah ha ha ha !!

tonight- atrak, next week: ME! Let’s go!!!

february 17 at the hudson hotel it’s party time

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 16th, 2010

i am playing at 12 am tomorrow night at the hudson hotel nyc– party for fashion week- upstairs.also jeremy scott n santogold party downstairs. oh what shall i wear? and who’s coming?

peaches christ superstar

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 11th, 2010

miss peaches  4325357506_9eda2727b7_o

some artwork from my machine: PS_booklet_16_17 PS_booklet_18_19

and a cool pic of me from 1999

everyone knows lady gag owes it all to me and peaches 🙂 did you see that performance at the grammy’s? straight up grabbed from my machine. fame factory? please beyatch i did that in 2005. but i’m on to the next of course.

please look at this geniusness- peaches is gonna do jesus christ superstar with another one of my faves, gonzales.

and speaking of gonzales, please check me and him out on february 25 at joe’s pub nyc for a very special piano duet!!!

my gym is bangin

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 11th, 2010

10 minutes from my house…one of the first eco gyms in the world- recycled floors, equipment, man-powered exercise stations AND an organic juice bar. what?? i’m in heaven. a gym that i would have designed myself, if uh, i designed gyms for a living.

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Green Fitness Studio

this video made me happy today

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 8th, 2010

so adorable!


follow me on facebook fun!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 7th, 2010

switzerland tonight!

Posted By Princess Superstar! on February 6th, 2010


i love switzerland-the bucolic rolling hills and the magical fairytale castles of bern and skiing the alps (once i went skiing in verbier,) and of course D club tonight- where they have a note in the computer under my booking information “princess superstar likes exploding confetti guns during her show!”

my good friend edouard, who books the club, told me  that “it’s a lot nicer to buy confetti guns than the cocaine and women requested by _______ (insert name of any number of djs, who probably make triple my fee and probably have triple my sorrows!)

please come see me tonight at one my most favorite clubs in the world!