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why i love london.

Posted By Princess Superstar! on April 22nd, 2009


15th century london

15th century london


so many things to say on this topic.

one is how they say “h”. it’s like HAISH. it’s so cute.

then, i got an email from a lawyer that said this:

I am in the House of Lords tomorrow and Thursday on my case (A Whiter Shade of Pale) but will be checking my emails.   We will be able to get the application issued next week.  Once we have the go ahead we will start and complete the work quickly to ensure best chance of cost recovery.

 i mean HOUSE OF LORDS? I wanna go to the house of lords!!

sorry, i can’t meet up and eat corn on the cob with you today dude,  i am in the house of lords!!!

and the case of a whiter shade of pale. what a dope song.

i don’t know what the case is but i hope he wins.

an interview

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Figured you might like to read this one. From “cut out and keep

  • When did you first get involved with music and what drew you towards rap and hip-hop? I always loved hip hop from when I first heard Kurtis Blow on a pirate radio station as a kid. I never thought i would end up rapping or anything. It was more like trying to make my friends laugh.

  • When did you first learn to rap and did it come naturally to you? It didn’t come naturally at all. I sucked. I just loved it and kept doing it. 

  • Where do you look for inspiration when songwriting? Lately the inspiration has been just wanting people to be happy and to think when they listen to my music. But it can come from anywhere and from anything- Eckhart Tolle to Tim & Eric.

  • It sounds like you’ve been in the studio quite a bit recently, how’s the new album coming along? The new album is coming out beyond my wildest dreams I am so excited. I have never made music as good as this before.

  • You’re an animal lover, do you have any pets and what are your favorite animals? Yes I have 2 birds, I love birds the most. What people don’t know is that birds are very affectionate and smart. My birds hang out and sing with me all day. Lots of birds need rescuing too- there is nothing sadder than birds stuck in cages. Please go rescue a bird and give him a nice home and let him out in your house all day!

  • How did you get involved with PETA and how was working on the campaign? I am pretty active in animal rights, I’ve done stuff for Farm Sanctuary and other things- so I really wanted to do something for PETA. I met up with them first in Berlin and then they used the image for the USA.

  • You’re a raw vegan, do you find it hard to eat on tour? How do you survive dining out? What prompted you to pick up the diet, and was it a gradual thing? It is the best thing in the entire universe. It’s really changed my life. I never get sick, and my consciousness is soaring. It was gradual, first I was vegetarian, then I went vegan, then raw. It’s easier that way, first get rid of meat, then fish, then dairy, then cooked etc. I did a program with Amy Rachelle who is a raw food goddess and it was hands down one of my best decisions I ever made. It’s not hard on tour at all because I come prepared with food. It’s a lot easier than you think. And you can always get a salad out wherever you are. The payoff is so great that I never miss eating the old way. Raw Vegan is the answer!

  • What are your favorite meals and do you love cooking? I absolutely love making food, and I love feeding people. I always have people at my house and I make them food. I love making a kale, dulse, olive salad. Veggie flax seed crackers. Curry coconut kelp noodles. Strawberry Mousse. All raw, all vegan, all the time!

  • How do you keep fit when you’re on tour and what’s your favorite workout music? I like to run and am a serious yoga practitioner. Also I get fit by performing because I jump all over the stage like a monkey when I play. Fave workout music ranges from Digitalism, Crookers,Jay-Z, Who Made Who ,Tittsworth & The Federation, Homeboy Sandman.

  • Where are your favorite places to tour and go on holiday? I love playing in Europe. And in Japan. Holidays are funny for me because I travel so much actually being home in NYC is a holiday for me! But I do love the woods so I do try to get into nature when I can.

  • How would you describe your style? A little bit ghetto, a little bit hippy, a little bit glamorous, a little bit ridiculous.

  • Where do you shop and do you make any of your own clothes? I like defacing clothes. I have a second hand Fendi shirt with the F’s all over it and i wrote “Logos Suck” in magic marker on it.

  • Do you like to do any kind of crafting? No, I am too busy.

  • What would be a typical day in the life of Princess Superstar? Drink fresh squeezed green juice. meditate. work on music, answer a million emails, update blog/tweets/myspace. make phone calls, yoga. meet friend for dinner or make dinner at my house. go see music at night or read a book that usually is a spiritual text, and go to sleep early. Or, rush to the airport and go to europe to play.

  • You’re really into tweeting. What makes you enjoy it so much? What other ways do you get techie? I like the interactive nature of tweeting. I like to talk to people – my “fans” which I put in quotes on purpose. I like to see what other people are doing, what their vibe is. I am curious. I guess you could say I am techie I live on the computer. I make music on the computer too using Ableton Live.

  • What was the last record you bought? What’s been on your stereo? At this moment I am listening to Pink Floyd “Animals”. Last record I bought was some underground hip hop called The Sleepwalkas.

  • Do you have any tips for throwing an awesome party? Nope.

  • In what ways do you like to spoil yourself and relax? I love spas- saunas and steambaths and massages. There is a place in Queens called Spa Castle. It is like 5 floors of whirlpools and saunas. It’s heaven on earth.

  • What are your hopes and dreams for this year? I want to make the most beautiful amazing record. I want to fall in love. I want peace on earth and all beings everywhere to be happy joyous and free.

a little rhyme i wrote in london

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susan boyle

look out i’m on british soil/a british royal
no crown royal I drink olive oil
lost the cap use tinfoil
now i’m fuckin shit up like i was susan boyle!

my machine lyrics

Posted By Princess Superstar! on April 14th, 2009

lyrics to the song “my machine”

if you had a machine that could make you into anything you wanted to be, like anything, what would you be?

let’s see

 i want to be the queen no i want to be 19 wait no i wanna be that horrible thing i saw last night in my dream oh i know! i want to be a supermodel she’s european

a lean  sex fiend oh thank god  i can finally fit in those dumb jeans

poof then it was me

i was her

I waited for something fabulous to occur

somethin/  marvelous and absurd

i waited there was nothing

but i was something

gorgeous crazy wealth and I  could always reach the top of the supermarket shelf

all of a sudden I  was no longer  the model or myself

i must have thought about being a stupid box of  cereal up on that  stupid shelf

boring wondered whether i would wait  forever

 I guess I was a brand that wasn’t  adequately advertised on tv ever 

but  it got better

apparently  a parent and a child  threw me in a cart

 it was hard I was smothered  covered by a world of  pop tarts

and a part of the newspaper  that scared me, i think it was the pop charts

and i wish i was a cereal that..that. wasn’t so smart

do you want to step inside my machine?

we all got home and they put me in the fridge

damn why didnt they keep their cereal out so I could at least see where they lived 

but i could hear them and it seemed like they were happy

when the kid wasn’t napping she was always laughing

i felt jumpy my  bran was crackling

i was grabbed along with the milk put in a bowl

it was dark /a black hole / must have been the kid’s mouth/ i dont know

and in i went

down the throat past the tongue by her heart by her lungs

and i could see she might be dying young

so i tried to patch it up with an old  piece of gum that was there

but the damage was done disease had  won it wasn’t fair

but I  wasn’t gonna be the one that lost her

i wasn’t a doctor

and i wasn’t

 a name on the list of somebodys roster

why bother

and  by that time i was already out the other end

in the toilet with milk

you know my old friend from the fridge from way back when and then

 we got sucked down into the pipes

what a crappy life

machine that’s really not right

do you want to step inside my machine?

I cant stand it i said machine why are we here?

 and it  paused and  said ‘to play video games and drink beer’

that’s weird  you’re subversive I thought we had a deeper purpose underneath the surface why do so many of us  feel worthless

the machine said don’t ask me ask your magazines

people and teen and loads of shit people dont need  i started to bleed

and said just make me into bandaid the size of a giant pancake

wrap me around the whole world to heal  the heartache

and if anyone’s hungry well

 they could just eat me or I’ll be a peace treaty and no one could ever defeat me

it said chill out girl remember being on the shelf

i seem to remember you kind of just /  wanted to be yourself

no. i wanted someone to pick me, to love me, to be the greatest brand

i dont understand i was just trying  to comprehend man

oh you wanted the grand scheme the big  plan the answer aha well here it is –


and then it turned off and that was it

because you see the machine

never really did exist


do you want to step inside a human being?


would you be a doctor

would you be a rocker

would you be a parka keepin someone warm in a lock up

would you be a marker

that signed the constitution would you start a revolution or just play some pro soccer

how about a stalker

if you were a  father

would you be good at all or would you even bother

be a beautiful girl or someone that could call her

would you be a good talker

stealth bomber

what about  osama

just to see what it feels like

cuz we all love  to live in drama


be a big movie star

fancy ass houses  big car

doin lots of drugs fuckin up an break laws

be a fat man plumbers butt hangin out the drawers

would you fight for a cause

chew on people like jaws

instigate wars  push the button

would you be something

or middle class average with

ok marriage

1.3 baby carriage

2 cars  garage


would you be president

would you be american

would you be be better than everyone else as a representative

would you be a  monkey

would you feel lucky

would you be a big dick always fucking

would you be a pumpkin

would it be your brain inside a vegetable

or would you feel nothing


would you manage or would you suffer

would you be a lover

be a fighter

or would you just be alright

could you just be alright


and if all this could come true

would you be ready

would I be ready if I was you?


trust your struggle

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love this graf. thanks to my pal moby for sending it to me.